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Campus-Wide Bin Information

You may have noticed our standardized “waste stations” around campus! These are intended to provide easily accessible and consistent information about our three main campus waste streams: compost, recycling, and trash.

About the Waste Stations

Each tri-bin waste station has a green compost bin (with compostable liners), a blue recycling bin, and a black trash bin. We have two models, as you can see in the pictures below.

waste station with compost, trash, and recycling bins side by side
waste station with compost, trash, and recycling bins side by side


Waste Signage

You can download your own high-resolution, printable copies of our current signage by clicking on the links below:

We have strived to make this signage as clear, informative, and easy to use as possible, but we welcome your feedback and ideas.

Desk-Side Waste Bins in Offices

The College has outfitted all office spaces that don’t already have them with a small, black “buddy bin” that will be attached to a desk-side, blue recycling bin. Neither desk-side waste bin is lined. All employees are asked to empty them in a nearby hallway waste station. Waste stations can be found in every building campus-wide.

The buddy bin system had already been installed over the past few years in all new campus office spaces, as well as several departments/buildings that have requested them (e.g., 101 S. Chester Road, Hormel-Nguyen Intercultural Center, and the Facilities Service Building). Most employees use the black bin for trash, though some opt to use it for compost. 

In addition to the original goals of reducing waste from liners and mitigating workload for EVS techs, this system significantly supports social distancing practices and increases safety for both EVS techs and office occupants. We appreciate your support with this initiative and welcome any questions to