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Green Events Guide

Simple Steps with Huge Impact

For more information on sustainabiltiy at Swarthmore, including helpful waste sorting resources and guidelines, visit the Sustainability website.

Download a PDF of this information here.

Before Your Event


  • Use online mediums to promote your event; if you are a student group, OSE interns can help with this and other aspects of campus event planning!
  • Communicate beforehand that this is a green event.
  • If you have to print materials, do so double-sided and on reused/recycled paper; otherwise, tell your guests to bring personal devices instead.


  • Enter a specific start and end time when scheduling your event on Swat Central,  as heat and A/C schedules are based on time scheduled.
  • When booking space on Swat Central, request compost bins.

Purchasing and Catering

  • Aim for a "plant-forward" menu.
  • Ask your caterer for reusable or compostable wares.
  • Have people RSVP ahead of time so you know how much food to order, to reduce food waste at your event.
  • Buy compostable tablewear at the Swarthmore Campus and Community Store.
  • Ask guests to bring reusable utensils and mugs.
  • Use reusable nametags and decorations when possible.

During Your Event

After Your Event

  • Turn everything off when not in use.
  • Send a thank-you note to guests letting them know how successful their waste reduction efforts were!
  • Consider collecting data from your events, if possible.
  • Reflect on and make note of what worked well and what can be improved upon for next time!