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First-year students interested in Environmental Studies are encouraged to take ENVS 001 (Intro to Environmental Studies) in the spring semester of 2024.

Students should take one of the classes below this fall (2023)

  • ENVS 008 – Plants and Human Culture 
  • ENVS 014 – Environmental Issues in Native American Communities
  • ENVS 017 – Walking as a way of Knowing
  • ENVS 045C – FYS: Imagining Natural History (Cross-listed as ENGL 009L)
  • ENVS 045 – ‘Tis the Season: Festivals of Solstice, Yule, and Christmas (Cross-listed as RELG 058)
  • ENVS 050 – Indigenous Peoples and Climate Change Impacts
  • ENVS 056 – Arts and Culture of Indigenous Philadelphia: From Shackamaxon to the Present (Cross-listed as ARTH 061)
  • PSYC 009 – First Year Seminar: Psychology and Sustainability

Please note: Both CHEM 15: Environmental Chemistry and ENVS 049: Indigenous Food Sovereignty in the United States which are offered in Spring 2024 have prerequisites that need to be taken in Fall 2023.

The list of courses for future semesters may change. Please check regularly for updates on courses.

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