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Beehive Collaboration


Ever wondered about the incredible journey honey takes to get from the neighborhood’s flowers to the hive, and then from the honeycombs to the jar? Join your local beekeeper  and dive into everything honey – although not literally, of course!

Expect a few surprises as your beekeeper gives you a behind-the-scenes look at the process of artisanal honey extraction and the inside scoop on the unique qualities of urban honey. This program is sponsored by the Swarthmore College Office of Sustainability, the Environmental Studies Committee, and the Scott Arboretum.

Swarthmore Hive Install

A time lapse video of the Alvéole Philadelphia beehive installation on the rooftop of David Kemp Hall

Hive to Honeyjar

Meet Wynn Geary, the Swarthmore College beekeeper.  In this video Wynn demonstrates the process of harvesting and extracting honey from a demonstration frame.