Worthmore Move-Out Information

Information about 2017 Move-Out and changes to former T2T sale

Trash2Treasure was a summer sale that operated from 2007 to 2015. Due to a combination of factors, we have decided to discontinue Trash2Treasure and to consider alternative means to make use of the items students leave behind.

Our priority is to make donated goods accessible to incoming and returning Swarthmore students, so that they don’t feel the need to buy these items new each year. Therefore, we plan to save items typically used by college students for a campus free store opening this fall. We are still looking into opportunities to make donations accessible to the community, but we anticipate that in its pilot year, the free store will only be open to students.

As we work on this transition, items not saved for the free store will be collected through an outside donation site with the exception of large furniture (e.g. couches) and mini-fridges. If you or your organization in interested in acquiring these items, please provide your contact information here.