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Where To Donate

Each residence hall has a designated Donation Site. Donated items can ONLY be placed in a designated site and in the proper category. Leaving items in your room or in the hallway will result in a fine.

Residence Hall Location
Alice Paul 1st Floor Lounge
Dana Lower Level Center Lounge
David Kemp 2nd Floor Lounge
Danawell 1st Floor Multipurpose Room
Hallowell Lower Level Center Lounge
Mary Lyon 1st Floor Lounge
Mertz 1st Floor Center Lounge
Parrish 4th Floor Center Lounge


Palmer 1st Floor Lounge
PPR Apartments 1st Floor Lounge
Roberts 1st Floor Lounge

C Basement Lounge

AB 1st Floor Lounge

CD 1st Floor Lounge

EF 1st Floor Lounge

Willets Mephistos Lounge
Woolman 1st Floor Lounge
Worth 1st Floor J Lounge