Where To Donate

Each residence hall has a designated Donation Site. Donated items can ONLY be placed in a designated site and in the proper category. Leaving items in your room or in the hallway will result in a fine.

Residence Hall Location
Alice Paul 1st Floor Lounge
Dana Lower Level Center Lounge
David Kemp 2nd Floor Lounge
Danawell Multipurpose Room
Hallowell Lower Level Center Lounge
Mary Lyon* 1st Floor Lounge, Close to Fireplace
Mertz 1st Floor Center Lounge
Palmer 1st Floor Lounge
Parrish 4th Floor Center Lounge
Roberts Television Room
Wharton C Basement Lounge; AB 1st Floor Lounge; CD 1st Floor Lounge; EF 1st Floor Lounge
Willets Mephistos Lounge
Woolman** Common Room
Worth 1st Floor J Lounge

*All Strath residents should bring their donations to the ML donation site.

** All Kyle residents should bring their donations to the Woolman common room.