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PSRF Application Process

Information for Prospective Students

The President’s Office, the Office of Sustainability, the Environmental Studies Program, and the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility invite students to apply for this one-year, high-impact learning program. Applications are now closed for the 2020-21 academic year.


A total time commitment of 10 - 20 hours per week is expected from the Fellows. This work includes :

  • Two semesters and two credits of coursework through ENVS 089A and ENVS 089B, taught by an Environmental Studies Faculty with support from the Director of Sustainability 
  • Weekly meetings with a staff mentor, plus additional meetings as required by the project
  • Meetings every two to three weeks with a faculty mentor in a specific discipline
  • Advising from either an alumni or a consultant in the field of work of the project
Research Project Topics

Possible research project areas:

  • Athletics: Greening the Garnet
  • Campus Community Connections: Building relationships and sustainability in Chester
  • Campus Community Connections: Building relationships and sustainability in the Swarthmore Borough
  • Carbon Charge: Pricing carbon, carbon offset research, and protecting our climate
  • Crum Woods: Restoration and revitalization of the Crum Woods
  • Food & Dining: Increasing health  and sustainability in our food system
  • Building Energy Efficiency: Projects and policies related to conserving energy and reducing demand
  • Sustainability, Tracking, Assessment and Rating System: Measuring sustainability using AASHE STARS
  • Renewable Energy: Developing renewable energy on- and off-campus
  • Transportation: Developing sustainable transportation systems on campus
  • Zero Waste: Developing a circular economy and transforming our relationship with stuff
  • Curriculum: Infusing sustainability throughout teaching  and learning
  • Environmental Justice: Raising awareness and taking action to fight environmental racism and injustice