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Office of Sustainability

Staff Members

Aurora Winslade

Sustainability Director



  1. Phone: (610) 957-6497
  2. Parrish Hall E260
Aurora Winslade

Elizabeth Drake

Climate Action Manager



  1. Phone: (610) 690-6839

Clare Hyre

Sustainability Program Manager



  1. Phone: (610) 957-6015



Clare Hyre

Terrence Xiao

Sustainability and Engaged Scholarship Fellow


Lang Center of of Civic and Social Responsibility


2020-2021 Sustainability Team

President's Sustainability Research Fellows

Chelsea Semper '21, Zach Lytle '21, Ananya Bhattacharya '21, Alfi Muhamad '23, Olivia Stoetzer '23, Martin Tomlinson '23, Maya Tipton '23, Alex Flowers '21, Chris Stone '23, Colin Donahue '22, Daniel Balauro '23

Senior President's Sustainability Research Fellows

Nusaybah Estes '21, Lucy Fetterman '22, Matthew Neils '22, Declan Murphy '21, Tyler White '22, Chantal Reyes '22, Atticus Maloney '22, Oswaldo Morales Solorzano '21

Green Advisors Student Coordinators

Kyra Hall '22

Green Advisors 

Alana Ballagh ’22, Anna (Chaewon) Jeong ‘23, Carole Lee ’21, Cynthia (Ruimin) Shi ‘23, Elena Lee ‘23, Huiying Xiao ‘23, Hulices Murillo ‘23, Jacob Cark ‘21, Karrina Papke ‘22, Kennedy Hill ‘23, Kiran McDonald ‘23, Liam Woerner ‘23, Meena Chen ‘21, Mekayla Herndon ‘23, Vanessa Levy ‘21, Olivia Fey ‘23, Sophia Schlenz ‘23, Susannah Broun ‘22

Sustainability Advocates

Anthony Condo (OneCard), Eric Wagner/Shane Loeffler '16 (Athletics), Elizabeth McAndrew/Maurice Eldridge '61 (Friends Meeting),  Pamela Borkowski-Valentin (Institutional Research), Patti Braun (Purchasing), Sandra Lopez Cortez (Grounds), Stephen Lockard (EVS), Chris Kane (Purchasing)

Our Moment Is Now

Swarthmore’s Office of Sustainability is ready to go! Read updates from the Spring 2016 issue of the Swarthmore Bulletin.

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