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Green Building

Green Building

Campus Activity

  • The College has committed to building all new construction to LEED Silver standard or better.
  • Two buildings have been LEED certified: a 130,346 square foot Science Center, and the 5,200 square-foot Wister Center at Scott Arboretum. Alice Paul and David Kemp Residence Halls, totaling 53,547 gross square feet, meet LEED criteria but the College did not pursue certification for those buildings.
  • Contractors are asked to sort construction and demolition debris for recycling.
  • Five green roofs, totaling approximately 31,000 square feet, absorb rainwater while also providing natural habitat.

Current Construction Projects

Swarthmore College supports environmentally-conscious design and construction. See below for more information on current projects, as well as the Capital Planning and Project Management page on the Swarthmore Facilities website.

Installing a Green Roof

View the the installation of the green roof on Kemp Hall green, thanks to Garden Seeds, the blog of The Scott Arboreum of Swarthmore College.