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Transcript Request

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Transcript Guide [pdf]

 For all transcripts:

  • Fees: The National Student Clearinghouse charges a small processing fee, and if you use express shipping, an express shipping fee.
  • Swarthmore does not charge a transcript fee, and pays the postage on regular mail for paper transcripts.
  • Processing time -- expect some delays during the time of the Coronavirus. Official transcripts are processed every business day, once daily, usually before noon. Expect your request to be processed the next business day after you send it to us. Paper transcripts might be significantly delayed, perhaps by a week, during the time of the Coronavirus -- please request one of the PDF transcripts instead.
  • Financial note: Students or Alumni who have not satisfied their financial obligations to the College or are in collection for loans are not be permitted to obtain transcripts or use any of our transcript services.

Which Transcript service would you like?

PDF Transcript Issued to the Student (for current students only)

Official PDF transcripts Issued to the Student

  • Current Students use mySwarthmore:
  • Click on Student Main Menu,Transcript Request, choose 'PDF Transcript' from the drop down.
  • There is no fee for this service.
  • Check Status: mySwarthmore > Student Main Menu > Transcript Request > Transcript Request Status tab

PDF Transcript for Alumni and other non-current students

Official PDF transcripts available through the National Student Clearinghouse

  • Use the Transcript Ordering Service of the National Student Clearinghouse
  • There is a small processing fee for this service.
  • Transcript requests are processed by Swarthmore usually the next business day and then promptly become available to the recipient for pick up from the secure server.
  • The recipient can be anyone with a valid email address, including the student.
  • The transcript must be retrieved within 30 days (or it would have to be re-ordered with fees applying). Multiple reminders are sent to the recipient before the transcript expires on the server.
  • Help with retrieving Official PDF transcripts from the National Student Clearinghouse [pdf]. 

Official Paper Transcript

Express Shipping available through the National Student Clearinghouse

  • There are express shipping fees for this service.
  • Express service may not be available during the pandemic.

U.S. Mail, Campus Mail or for Pick-up

  • Expect delays in processing and shipping during the pandemic.
  • Current students use mySwarthmore.
    • Click on Student Main Menu,Transcript Request, choose 'Official Paper Transcript' from the drop down (there is no fee using mySwarthmore).
    • Check Status: mySwarthmore > Student Main Menu > Transcript Request > Transcript Request Status tab
  • All others order the "Mail" option through the Transcript Ordering Service of the National Student Clearinghouse (there is a small processing fee), or you can complete and submit our Official Transcript Request Form [pdf] (no service fee).
  • U.S. mailed transcripts are always in official envelopes which are signed and sealed on the back. They are sent via first-class U.S. mail and we pay the postage.
  • Alumni can retrieve their Numeric ID from the alumni web page.
  • We do not fax or email the official paper transcript.