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Inclement Weather

Swarthmore College Cancellation of Classes Policy

The College only rarely closes all classes due to weather or emergency, and in that event campus-wide communications will make that clear. Without such an all-campus notification, classes (and exams) should be considered in session as scheduled, even if some public or administrative activities are canceled due to weather. Faculty and students should communicate via email or telephone regarding the possible cancellation of specific classes or exams, or other complications due to weather.

Van shuttle Service

  • Van shuttle service tends to have delays and shut down early on snow days.
  • This pertains to the Swarthmore Evening Shuttle and the Tri-College van shuttles, depending on the condition of the roads. Expect limited service with delays or no service at all on snow days, even though classes should be considered in session on all three campuses. The Tri-Co van shuttle is the only transportation Swarthmore makes available to you to attend classes at Bryn Mawr or Haverford.
  • If snow is predicted, try to stay at Swarthmore. If you are on another campus pursuing an approved class, and shuttle service stops due to inclement weather or emergency, you are advised to seek safe emergency housing on the campus where you find yourself, contact your professors as needed to let them know why you are not coming and arrange to make up the work, and await the next shuttle as it becomes available.
  • Trico Van Shuttle Website
  • Trico Van Delay Hotline provided by Bryn Mawr College: 610-526-7310

No parking on College Avenue

Do not park on College Ave for 24 hours after a snow storm so the Boro can plow.

Cancellation of Activities

To learn if the College has cancelled activities or will open late, please call the Swarthmore Weather Emergency Hotline: 610-328-8228

Inclement Weather and College Closing Policy

The complete policy on weather and other emergencies and College closings is available in print from the Human Resources Employee Handbook. In brief: "As a residential campus, Swarthmore College can never close completely, even during extreme weather or other emergency situations."