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Strath Haven High School Students

Parents and students should direct inquiries to Strath Haven High School, where the process begins.

Courses as permitted are taken through the good graces of Swarthmore College and the professor teaching the course, who can say "no" for any reason. Space limitations, priority for Swarthmore degree candidates, and so on, are normal reasons for high school students to be denied permission.

Permitted students are technically considered “visitors” at the college but work toward high school credit and letter grades at the high school. The final grade will be sent from the professor to the college registrar and then passed along to the high school by the Swarthmore Registrar’s Office. The pass/fail grade mode is not an option unless the course is only offered as a pass/fail course. By Swarthmore College policy, high school students visiting Swarthmore College courses are registered as visitors at the College, they do not earn Swarthmore College credit, nor are they eligible to receive a Swarthmore College transcript of their work. The high school transcript is the only transcript of these courses.

Students must get from SHHS and complete SHHS's Swarthmore College Course Registration Form, obtain signatures, and return it to the high school Guidance Counselor for final approval. Students are responsible to provide their own transportation and any materials necessary for the Swarthmore College course. Students must also obtain signatures and return the required Hold Harmless Release to the high school Guidance Counselor.

Swarthmore faculty should please contact the registrar for further information about how this works and what is expected.

This program is limited to Strath Haven High School juniors and seniors only.

Swarthmore encourages other high school students to consider these other options: