Add-Drop Procedure

For Add/Drop course adds, go to mySwarthmore, Registration, e-forms.

  • Most course and seminar ADDs:
    • eform: Use the electronic course ADD eform located in mySwarthmore/Student Main Menu/Swat e-forms.
    • Patience: Wait for departmental approval. All adds must be approved by the department.
    • Network connection Required: To access the form, you need to be either on campus OR on the VPN into the network. Click here for VPN instructions.
  • If you don't see a course listed on the ADD form, go to the department Administrative Assistant/Coordinator to discuss it.
    • Directed Reading, Research, Independent Study, Thesis, or other special courses, see the department.
    • For ECON 001, 031, 033 or any 100 level seminar, see the department.
    • Course Announcements page.
  • Audits: If you wish to audit a course, please register for the class then discuss with the Professor/Instructor before the end of add/drop, and if the professor approves, ask them to inform the Registrar's Office.
    • After the Add/Drop deadline, you may not change registration from credit-bearing to audit -- to stop taking the class for credit, you have to do a course withdrawal with the permanent grade notation of "W". Any approved auditing after that would be informal and has no bearing on the grade notation.
  • DROPs: mySwarthmore/Registration/Add/Drop classes. No form required for dropping.
  • Advising: If you are making a change to the plan you previously developed, please confer with your advisor. If your advisor is on leave or unavailable, consult your major department or if you don't have a major yet, consult your class dean
  • Automatic notifications: Advisors and Professors (of both added and dropped courses) are notified automatically
  • Normal load: The normal load is 4-5 credits.  To take "Extra or Less Credits", please use the Extra or Less form [pdf].
  • For CR/NC: Use the (other) electronic form for that located in mySwarthmore/Registration/Swat e-form/CR/NC.