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Add-Drop Procedure

For Add/Drop course adds, go to mySwarthmore, Registration, Swarthmore e-forms.

For Add/Drop course adds, go to mySwarthmore, Registration, Swarthmore e-forms.

Use the online  Course Add Request form

Add/Drop for Fall 2021 semester will remain open through 11:59pm Eastern Time on Monday, September 13, 2021.

For most course and seminar ADDs:

  • Use the E-Form!
  • Use the Course Add Request e-Form located in mySwarthmore/Student Main Menu/Swarthmore e-forms.
  • DUO: You may need to DUO into mySwarthmore.
  • Patience during approval: After you submit the e-form, wait for departmental approval. All adds must be approved by the department.
  • Summer or over break? Yes, you may use the add e-form over the summer or over break.  Instructors may take longer to answer.
  • PE I & PE II add period ends Monday, September 13, 2021. Use the course add e-form.

DROPs: mySwarthmore/ Registration System/ Register for Classes/ Select a Term/ Action.

  • Not an E-Form -- just the regular "Registration System" link.
  • Drop ends Monday, September 13, 2021 at 11:59pm. Last day to delete a course from permanent registration. Students with once-a-week classes may extend some adding and dropping into the third week of classes, depending upon the approval of the professor teaching the class to be added
  • PE II (the second half of semester courses) -- Add using the eform, Drop by emailing

Check Registration using mySwarthmore, Registration, Student Detail Schedule.

Don't see a course listed on the ADD form?  Go to the department Administrative Assistant/Coordinator to discuss it.

How to add one course to replace another in your schedule: ​

  • Do the add form to ask the prof to add the new course -- without dropping the old course yet
  • Once the add is approved, then drop the other course. You can be registered for both at the same time while that happens. Please drop the other course as soon as reasonably possible.

Credit Limit and Normal Load: Typically the normal load is 4 credits.  During drop/add, you may register for more than the normal load, even if during pre-registration there was a limit close to the normal load.

Degree Audit: Check mySwarthmore, Student Information,  Degree Audit to see if your courses are fulfilling degree requirements.

Course Audits: If you wish to audit a course, please register for the class then discuss with the Professor/Instructor before the end of add/drop, and if the professor approves, ask them to inform the Registrar's Office.

  • After the Add/Drop deadline, you may not change registration from credit-bearing to audit.

Advising: If you are making a change to the plan you previously developed, please confer with your advisor. If your advisor is on leave or unavailable, consult your major department or if you don't have a major yet, consult your class dean

Automatic notifications: Advisors and Professors (of both added and dropped courses) are notified automatically

For Credit No Credit declaration: Use the (other) electronic form for that located in mySwarthmore/Registration/Swat e-form/CR/NC.