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Mid-semester Advising and Pre-Registration

Fall 2024

All Students Must Be Advised

  • Students must see advisors during the advising period prior to pre-registration or they may be prevented from pre-registering.
  • Double majors must see both advisors.
  • Students are responsible for managing time conflicts in their class schedule. Check the class meeting times in the Schedule of Courses. For the complete rules on attendance in classes, see the catalog.

Credit Recommendations

  • Registration is limited to 4.5 credits during pre-registration (not including PE, PE Dance or other 0 credit courses.)  After pre-registration students may register for as many as 5 credits via the add form.
  • Students are required to register for 4.0 credits per semester, unless they have obtained special permission to do otherwise. For fewer than 4.0 credits or more than 5.0, submit the Application for Extra or Less Credit [pdf] to the Registrar.
  • The 10-credit rule (for tuition): The expected academic load is 4 to 5 credits per semester.  No extra tuition fees will be charged unless a student enrolls in more than 10 credits per academic year.


After pre-registration is over, departments have several days to review class rosters.  In the case of over-enrolled courses, departments may consider a lottery to determine who will remain in the class.  Students who do not fulfill the prerequisites for a course may be removed from the course.

  • Pre-registration provides equal access to courses and lotteries regardless of when you register with the exception of some first-come, first-serve courses, listed  on the course announcements page.  
  • For more information please see the departments. If you miss pre-registration, you can register for classes starting after lotteries, using the add form.


Students who have been dropped due to lotteries must use the add form to register for alternate classes. 

  • Instructions for adding and dropping classes.
  • Add form: mySwarthmore/Registration/SWAT e-forms/Add form
  • Drops:

Important information: