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Cooperative Agreements with nearby ROTC programs

Swarthmore College has cooperative agreements with the following Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) programs. In these cooperative programs, Swarthmore students complete their Swarthmore degree at Swarthmore, fulfilling all degree requirements at Swarthmore, while also completing the ROTC program at the cooperative school. Swarthmore does not award degree credit for the ROTC courses.

Air Force

Hosted at Saint Joseph’s University

Air Force ROTC is the largest commissioning source of Air Force officers.  Detachment 750 is one of 145 detachments across the country that directly commissions cadets to active duty.  AFROTC strives to transform cadets from college students to effective Air Force officers through a leadership intensive curriculum with academic and experiential learning.  Our cadets not only learn vital leadership concepts and theories in a classroom setting from experienced active duty Air Force officers, but they also apply those lessons through hands-on leadership on a weekly basis.

Each AFROTC cadet is required to attend three training events each week: a one (freshmen and sophomores) or three credit (juniors and seniors) Aerospace Studies academic class, Leadership Laboratory (LeadLab or LLAB), and Physical Training (PT).  Freshman and sophomores can expect 5 hours of mandatory training each week, whereas juniors and seniors will have 5-6 hours.  Very few weekend or evening commitments are required of cadets so that cadets can concentrate on their studies.