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Interdisciplinary and Distribution

Non-divisional: Most courses with interdisciplinary subject codes, such as those with the subject code "COGS" (Cognitive Science), or "PEAC" (Peace and Conflict Studies) do not qualify for distribution division requirements. There are some rare exceptions, listed below.

Interdisciplinary program courses that the program offers itself normally do not carry distribution division status because these courses are intentionally interdisciplinary and therefore non-divisional. Questions about this should be directed to the interdisciplinary program.

Note that most courses that are eligible for counting toward an interdisciplinary program have subject codes in another department, such as PHIL (Philosophy) or BIOL (Biology) and these courses, along with being eligible for the interdisciplinary program, also fulfill the distribution division requirement for that subject as listed in the Course Schedule or Course Catalog.

Here is the short list of interdisciplinary program courses which sometimes fulfilled the distribution division requirement, and when they did.

PEAC 071B. Strategy-Non-Violent Struggle (SS, beginning Fall 2010)
PEAC 071BA. Advanced Research Seminar-Strat/Non-Violent Struggle (SS, beginning Spring 2011)

Note that COGS 001 was never a Social Sciences distribution course, even in the semesters where it counts toward the Psychology major due to being taught by a Psychologist.