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The Carbon Charge Committee

The Carbon Charge Committee manages the Carbon Charge program, and, with approval from the Ecosphere Executive Committee, allocates the funding generated by the levy on departments. The Carbon Charge Committee is advisory to the Ecosphere Executive Committee within the Ecosphere governance structure.

Read the full Carbon Charge Committee Charge document. 

2018-2019 Committee Membership:  

Co-Chair: Andrew Feick, Associate Vice President for Sustainable Facilities Operations and Capital Planning

Co-Chair: Aurora Winslade, Director of Sustainability

John Caskey, Professor of Economics

Joel Cooper, Chief Information Technology Officer

Nusaybah Estes, President’s Sustainability Research Fellow for Carbon Pricing

Joshua Goldwyn, Professor of Mathematics

Nathan Graf, President’s Climate Action Senior Fellow

Domenic Porrini, Heat Plant and Energy Supervisor

Nikki Senecal, Associate Director of Donor Relations

Lee Smithey, Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies

Miriam Stein, student 

Ralph Thayer, Director of Maintenance

Tyler White, student

Ernie Wright, Budget Director