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Credit/No Credit (CR/NR) Form

screen shot of the credit no credit form - see instructions below

This form is used to declare credit/ no credit. 

Submitting this form confirms your application for Credit/No Credit (CR/NC)

  • Indicates that you are taking this course for the first time
  • You have completely read and understand this form
  • You will receive an email receipt upon submission. Please save this email as proof. If you do not receive an email receipt, please contact the Registrar's Office.

The faculty regulation on Credit/No Credit (CR/NC) grading (section 8 in the Swarthmore Catalog) provides that the only grades recorded for first year students in their first semester shall be CR/NC. During the balance of the undergraduate years students may exercise the CR/NC option as many as four additional times. For any course, this CR/NC option is available only if formally requested within the first 9 weeks of the semester, not later. Submit this form online by 11:59 pm, on the deadline date. A grade of CR won't change the divisional status (NSEP, W etc.) of the class. A grade of CR may change major/minor applicability, check with the major/minor department chair. An evaluation of the course may be offered by the instructor and may be either a letter-grade equivalent or a comment.

  • Repeated courses may not be taken with CR/NC.
  • Optional CR/NC courses must earn a C- (C minus) or better in the course to get the CR notation.
  • After the 1st semester, grades earned at any D level (D+, D, D-) will receive that letter grade on the transcript.
  • Most majors prohibit CR from counting toward the major, so you should not take courses in your major as CR/NC.
  • Please check with your major department.
  • This form must be completed even though you may have indicated this elsewhere. CR/NC are not reversed after the decision.

With the exception of spring graduating seniors, students will have until the end of the 2nd week of the following semester to remove the CR notation and uncover the underlying shadow letter grade.
Spring seniors will have until the Tuesday before commencement.


Please follow the steps below to complete your application for Credit/No Credit (CR/NR)

  1. Choose the course you want to alter from the drop down menu labeled Course
  2. Be sure the check the “Please indicate that you have read and understand the above instructions”