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Course Enrollment Available online

The Tri-College Course Guide contains current enrollment information for all courses it lists. After you've found a course in the Guide, click on the specific course link to see a detail box including "CUR ENR" (current enrollment) listed under "Additional Course Info". Note: the Instructor decides whether a course is actually open or closed; current enrollment is provided only as a guide in assessing that potential.

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If no information appears under the department or program heading below, please see the departmental office.

First come-first serve courses and courses with closed enrollment for web-registration--FOR Spring 2022 are listed below:

ASTR 001- Limited to first come first served-fall and spring
CHEM 010-Limited to 25 per section, first come first served-fall
CHEM 010 Labs- Limited to 24 per section, first come first served - fall
CHEM 022 Labs- Limited to first come first served -- spring
CHEM 032- Limited to 60 upperclassmen, first come first served--fall
CHEM 032 Labs- Limited to 12 upperclassmen per section, first come first served -- fall
CHEM 038 Labs- Limited to first come first served--spring
ECON 001-View policy below
ECON 011 Conferences-Limited to first come first served -- fall
ECON 021 Conferences-Limited to first come first served-spring
All ECON seminars- not available for web-registration
EDUC 001C- not available for web-registration
ENGL 001C- not available for web-registration
ENGL 070K- not available for web-registration
ENVS 089A- not available for web-registration
PHED- Limited to first come first served--fall and spring
PHYS 003 and 003L- limited to first come first served -- fall
PHYS 004 and 004L- limited to first come first served -- spring
Directed Reading, Independent Study, Research, Thesis, Special Projects, etc. are not available for web-registration- see Dept Administrative Asst/Coordinator to register


Anthropology & Sociology:
ANTH 043C.Culture, Health and Illness, at capacity. If interested in being put on a waitlist contact Stacey at
SOCI 016B.Research Methods, OPEN
SOCI 020C.Global Colorism, OPEN
SOCI 020D.Race in Latin America & the Caribbean, OPEN
SOCI 025CGlobalization & Global Inequality, OPEN
SOCI 026BClass Matters: Privilege, Poverty, and Power, OPEN
SOCI 035D.Transnational Migration, OPEN
SOCI 041C/ENVS 033.Indigenous Peoples and Globalization, OPEN

Arabic: see Modern Languages and Literatures

Art (Art History & Studio Arts):

Asian Studies:


Astronomy - see Physics and Astronomy


Enroll for Biology 002 Organismal and Population Biology lecture AND your first choice laboratory section during web-registration. If the enrollment in any laboratory section exceeds the max number of students, a random lottery will be held only for the over-enrolled laboratory sections. Students who are lotteried out of an over-enrolled lab section will be notified via email and will be placed on the waiting list for that section. First-year students who are on the waiting list for an over-enrolled laboratory section are encouraged to enroll in any other unfilled laboratory section, where sections will be filled on a "first-come, first-served" basis.

Students must apply to get into BIOL002-SP (meets TTh, 1:15-2:30p) and concurrently enroll in BIOL 002, including a lab section.  If you are interested in the course, enroll in BIOL 002 and lab and SP during registration. Choose a lab section that does not conflict with the SP meeting times and fill out an application for BIOL-SP Applications should be submitted by the time registration closes.  BIOL 002SP. Organismal and Population Biology

Black Studies:


You will need to register for the CHEM 010/010.HN and CHEM 032 course and a lab section that fits into your schedule. When adding these on mySwarthmore they must be added together. CHEM 010 and 010.HN share the CHEM 010 labs.

Registration for labs will be "first-come, first-served" basis, you are advised to register early. 

Chinese - see Modern Languages and Literatures


Cognitive Science:


Comparative Literature:

Computer Science:



*ECON 001 Enrollment Policy*
ECON 001 sections in spring 2022 are capped at 25 on a first-come, first-served basis during online enrollment, and then at 30 during Add/Drop.  Students who wish to add a section of ECON 001 during Add/Drop should submit an add request online.  These requests will be handled by Megan Salladino (, who will allow students to add the least-enrolled section that fits their academic schedule, up to the overall cap of 30.

Educational Studies:
All Educational Studies courses are currently still open for fall 2020 enrollment.

English Literature:
Academic Writing Courses:

ENGL 001F- For Spring 2022, ENGL 1F Transitions to College Writing is available to students from all class years.

For Spring 2022 ENGL 071B and ENGL 052B are full.


Environmental Studies:

ENVS 015. FYS: Nature Rx: Wellbeing - will not be offered in the Spring 2022 semester. 

Film and Media Studies:

New course open for Spring 2022: FMST 31: Documentary Filmmaking as Cultural Work. No prerequisites.

Gender and Sexuality Studies:

Global Studies:

Introduction to Global Studies is open to all students interested in exploring global issues, phenomena, and processes that impact all our lives. The program, the newest at the College, has recently announced its Special Majors (click on the Special Majors tab on the website).

Greek-see Classics


For spring 2022, the following history courses have the prerequisite of an intro level (001-010) history course, AP credit, or, in lieu of those, professor permission

- HIST 026: Capitalism of the Modern Middle East
- HIST 046: The American Civil War
- HIST 056: Police, Prisons, and Protest
- HIST 067: Digging Through the National Security Archive: South American "Dirty Wars" and the United States' Involvement
- HIST 90E: On the Other Side of the Tracks: Black Urban Community
For HIST 020: Leviathan's Revenge: Reading Thomas Hobbes in 2022 the prerequisite is any 1 course in the humanities, AP credit, or professor permission.


Interpretation Theory:


Islamic Studies:
For information on the Islamic Studies Program, please visit

Japanese- see Modern Languages and Literatures

Latin-see Classics

Latin American and Latino Studies:


See Linguistics

Literature - see Modern Languages and Literatures

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Mathematics and Statistics:

Students interested in Math 25-SP should enroll in it during preregistration, along with registering in either 25.2 or 25.3.  Enrollment for Math 25-SP will be capped at 15, and any necessary lottery will occur when preregistration is completed. Questions about this attachment to Math 25 should be directed to Professor Mavinga.
Students interested in Math 67 must enroll in the problem session taught by the same professor.  More specifically, students enrolling in Math 67.1 should also enroll in Math 67.X, and students enrolling in Math 67.2 should also enroll in Math 67.Y.

Modern Languages and Literature:

Arabic: For information on Arabic courses, please see

Chinese: For information on Chinese courses, please see

French and Francophone Studies:  For information on French and Francophone Studies  courses, please see


For German Studies - Spring 2022:
GMST 2 - Continuation of GMST1 - year long elementary German language course (MTTHF, Werlen/Schnader, 1 credit)
GMST 6 - German Conversation (F, Schnader, 0.5 credit course)
GMST 8: Texts in Contexts - Advanced Conversation and Composition in German - Topic: Friendships in German Culture (MWF, Schnader, 1 credit)
GMST 100: Uncomfortable Classics - Classic works of literature that caused scandals in their time (TH, Werlen, 1 or 2 credit seminar) - email to indicate your credit preference
German Studies courses 1-8 have an enrollment limit of 25.
German Studies courses 20-100 have an enrollment limit of 15.

For more information on German Studies courses, please see


The Prerequisite for JPNS 008, Extensive Reading in Japanese, is concurrent enrollment in Japanese 002, or above. All levels of Japanese readers above the Japanese 002 level are welcome in the class.
The Prerequisite for JPNS 022, Introduction to Japanese Linguistics, is completion of JPNS 001, or permission of the instructor. Please contact Prof. Bundschuh at with any inquiries.
JPNS 002, JPNS 004, JPNS 013, and JPNS 020 are open to new students by placement only (these are the second semesters of First-Year, Second-Year, Third-Year and Fourth-Year Japanese). Students who are continuing from Fall semester do not need placement. For placement, contact the instructor or the Japanese Section Head, Will Gardner (

 For more information on Japanese classes, please see

Literature: For information on courses taught in English, please see

Russian: For information on Russian courses, please see


We have some very exciting news and new courses being offered Spring 2022 in Music!
New Ethnomusicology Course! - MUSI 006D: Performing Resistance: Black Music and Protest in the African Diaspora with Dr. Tracey Stewart, Eligible for GLBL- Paired and PEAC Credit
New Ethnomusicology Course! - MUSI 009B: Music as Oral Tradition with Dr. Tracey Stewart
New Course! - MUSI 008C. Medievalism in Music and Media with Prof. Siel Agugliaro
New Course! - MUSI 007. Foundations of Songwriting with Prof. Joseph Church
Additional Sections added! - MUSI 003A. Intro to Music Technology with Prof. Quinn Collins. Each section is limited to 14 students.
Join MUSI 049A. Balinese Gamelan Ensemble with Prof. Tom Whitman
Gamelan Semara Santi, Swarthmore's own traditional Indonesian percussion orchestra, is looking for new members to join us in the spring semester. All students are welcome; no previous experience or audition is necessary. We've also made a brief video about the group: \
Please e-mail Professor Tom Whitman ( if you'd like more information.

Peace Studies:



Physical Education:
Physical Education courses are offered on a first come first served basis and enrollment is capped depending on the course. Check the course schedule for class limits. 

Physics and Astronomy:

Registration for PHYS 003/003L labs will be "first-come, first-served" basis, you are advised to register early. Web-registration assignments are tentative, students who will need to resolve conflicts with their lab assignment should contact the Physics/Astronomy dept during add/drop.

Political Science:

POLS 070B: enrollment limited to course majors
POLS 116: enrollment limited to 10; ECON 001 and POLS 004 prerequisite requirements


New Religion Courses offered Spring '22
RELG 052: The Good Life
RELG 055: Interpreting Asian Religions

Spanish : For information on Spanish courses, please see

Statistics -  see Mathematics and Statistics