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Course Announcements

Course Enrollment Available online

The Tri-College Course Guide contains current enrollment information for all courses it lists. After you've found a course in the Guide, click on the specific course link to see a detail box including "CUR ENR" (current enrollment) listed under "Additional Course Info". Note: the Instructor decides whether a course is actually open or closed; current enrollment is provided only as a guide in assessing that potential.

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If no information appears under the department or program heading below, please see the departmental office.

Courses with limited or closed enrollment for web-registration--
FOR FALL 2021--coming soon

ASTR 001- Limited to first come first served-fall and spring
CHEM 010-Limited to 25 per section, first come first served-fall
CHEM 010 Labs- Limited to 24 per section, first come first served - fall
CHEM 022 Labs- Limited to first come first served -- spring
CHEM 032- Limited to 60 upperclassmen, first come first served--fall
CHEM 032 Labs- Limited to 12 upperclassmen per section, first come first served -- fall
CHEM 038 Labs- Limited to first come first served--spring
ECON 001-View policy below
ECON 011 Conferences-Limited to first come first served -- fall
All ECON seminars- not available for web-registration
EDUC 001C- not available for web-registration
ENGL 001C- not available for web-registration
ENGL 070K- not available for web-registration
ENVS 089A- not available for web-registration
PHED- Limited to first come first served--fall and spring
PHYS 003 and 003L- course and labs limited to first come first served -- fall
PHYS 004 and 004L- course and labs limited to first come first served -- spring
Directed Reading, Independent Study, Research, Thesis, Special Projects, etc. are not available for web-registration- see Dept Administrative Asst/Coordinator to register


ANTH 049 is full and closed to any further registration

Arabic: see Modern Languages and Literatures

Art (Art History & Studio Arts):

ARTH 095: Enrollment ONLY open to Art and Art History majors & Art History minors.

Asian Studies:


Astronomy - see Physics and Astronomy


Enroll for Biology 001 lecture AND your first choice laboratory section during web-registration. If the enrollment in any laboratory section exceeds the max number of students, a random lottery will be held only for the over-enrolled laboratory sections. Students who are lotteried out of an over-enrolled lab section will be notified via email and will be placed on the waiting list for that section. First-year students who are on the waiting list for an over-enrolled laboratory section are encouraged to enroll in any other unfilled laboratory section, where sections will be filled on a "first-come, first-served" basis. Laboratory sections will meet virtually during the first week of classes.

Students must apply to get into BIOL-SP (meets MW 2-3:15, hybrid) and concurrently enroll in introductory BIOL 001, including a lab section.  If you are interested in the course, enroll in BIOL 001 and lab and SP during registration. Choose a lab section that does not conflict with the SP meeting times and fill out an application for BIOL-SP. Applications should be submitted by the time registration closes.  

Black Studies:

Two new courses will be taught in Fall and J Term: BLST 028. / SOCI 028.

BLACK LIBERATION 2020 (J Term), and BLST 060. / ENGL 060. EARLY BLACK PRINT CULTURES (Fall). See Black Studies


You will need to register for the CHEM 010/010.HN and CHEM 032 course and a lab section that fits into your schedule. When adding these on mySwarthmore they must be added together. CHEM 010 and 010.HN share the CHEM 010 labs.

Registration for labs will be "first-come, first-served" basis, you are advised to register early. 

Chinese - see Modern Languages and Literatures


Cognitive Science:


Computer Science:



*ECON 001 Enrollment Policy*
ECON 001 sections in Spring 2021 are capped at 25 on a first-come, first-served basis during online enrollment, and then at 30 during Add/Drop.  Students who wish to add a section of ECON 001 during Add/Drop should submit an add request online.  These requests will be handled by Megan Salladino (, who will allow students to add the least-enrolled section that fits their academic schedule, up to the overall cap of 30.


The J-term section of ECON 001 is capped at 90 on a first-come, first-served basis during online registration.  Students wishing to add the J-term section during Add/Drop should submit an add request online.  These requests will be handled by Megan Salladino (, who will allocate any slots that become available, up to the cap of 90.


Educational Studies:
All Educational Studies courses are currently still open for fall 2020 enrollment.

English Literature:


Environmental Studies:

Film and Media Studies:

Gender and Sexuality Studies:

New Course Fall 2020: GSST 056./GMST 056./LITR 056G. Outbreak Narratives: An Exploration of Germs, Vampires, and Other Plagues via the Medical Humanities. Please contact the GSST Coordinator, Prof. Bakirathi Mani, with any questions:

Global Studies:

Introduction to Global Studies is open to all students interested in exploring global issues, phenomena, and processes that impact all our lives. The program, the newest at the College, has recently announced its Special Majors (click on the Special Majors tab on the website).

Greek-see Classics

The following courses are OPEN to ALL STUDENTS:
HIST 007A. African American History, 1619 to 1865
HIST 008B. Mfecane, Mines, and Mandela: Southern Africa from 1650 to the Present
The following courses are OPEN to STUDENTS with PROOF OF AP/IB SCORE:
HIST 067. Digging Through the National Security Archive: South American "Dirty Wars" and the United States' Involvement (Fall 2020)
HIST 089 / ENVS 025 The Environmental History of Africa
HIST 093P. CASA: Global Pandemic
The following course are OPEN to STUDENTS with ADDITIONAL PREREQUISITES (please see course for details):
HIST 078. China, Capitalism, and Their Critics
HIST 080B. Biopower vs Necropolitics: Empires of Life and Death, 1622-2003 (JTerm)

Please check the History Department home page for course recommendations for first-years.

Interpretation Theory:


Japanese- see Modern Languages and Literatures

Latin-see Classics

Latin American and Latino Studies:



Literature - see Modern Languages and Literatures

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Mathematics and Statistics:

Students must apply to get into MATH 015-SP, using the application found at the bottom of the MATH 015-SP website.  In addition, students who enroll in Math 015-SP must also concurrently enroll in either Section 1 or 2 of MATH 015. 

All math/stat courses for Fall 2020 and the January term currently have space.  Students interested in Math 015-SP (the STEM Scholars attachment to Math 15) need to submit a brief application which can be found at: .

Modern Languages and Literature:






JPNS02 Japanese Film and Anime is open via add/drop. The course is cross-listed as LITR024J and FMST 057. JPNS 018 Extensive Reading in Japanese is open via add/drop. The course is open to all students of JPNS002 (First-Year Japanese, second semester) and above.  

JPNS 002, JPNS 004, JPNS 013, and JPNS 020 are open by placement (these are the second semesters of First-Year, Second-Year, Third-Year and Fourth-Year Japanese). For placement, contact the instructor or the Japanese Section Head, Will Gardner (




Peace Studies:



Physical Education:
Physical Education courses are offered on a first come first served basis and enrollment is capped depending on the course. Check the course schedule for class limits. 

Physics and Astronomy:

Registration for PHYS 003/003L labs will be "first-come, first-served" basis, you are advised to register early. Web-registration assignments are tentative, students who will need to resolve conflicts with their lab assignment should contact the Physics/Astronomy dept during add/drop.

New Religion course offered J-Term - RELG 028. CHRISTIAN SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS
For more information on Religion courses offered J-Term and Spring 2021 see -


 Sociology and Anthropology:

Spanish :

 Statistics -  see Mathematics and Statistics