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Course Enrollment Available online

The Tri-College Course Guide contains current enrollment information for all courses it lists. After you've found a course in the Guide, click on the specific course link to see a detail box including "CUR ENR" (current enrollment) listed under "Additional Course Info". Note: the Instructor decides whether a course is actually open or closed; current enrollment is provided only as a guide in assessing that potential.

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If no information appears under the department or program heading below, please see the departmental office.

Link to Course Recommendations for First-year students

Courses with limited or closed enrollment for web-registration

ASTR 001- Limited to first come first served-fall
CHEM 010-Limited to first come first served-fall
CHEM 010 Labs- Limited to first come first served - fall
CHEM 022 Labs- Limited to first come first served -- spring
CHEM 032 Labs- Limited to first come first served -- fall
CHEM 038 Labs- Limited to first come first served--spring
ECON 001-Limited to first come first served -- fall and spring
ECON 011 Conferences-Limited to first come first served -- fall
All ECON seminars- not available for web-registration
EDUC 001C- not available for web-registration
ENGL 001C- not available for web-registration
ENGL 070K- not available for web-registration
PHYS 003 and 003L- course and labs limited to first come first served -- fall
PHYS 004 and 004L- course and labs limited to first come first served -- spring
Directed Reading, Independent Study, Research, Thesis, Special Projects, etc. are not available for web-registration- see Dept Administrative Asst/Coordinator to register


17425, ANTH 001 Fdns: Culture, Power, Meaning
17426, ANTH 001D FYS: Counterculture
17647, ANTH 020J Dance and Diaspora (W)
17427, ANTH 031C Hispanics,Mestizos,Latinxs (M)



Arabic: see Modern Languages and Literatures


Art (Art History & Studio Arts):


Asian Studies:


Astronomy - see Physics and Astronomy




Black Studies:




Chinese - see Modern Languages and Literatures



New Course: CLST 023 Introduction to Sanskrit.
No previous knowledge of Sanskrit is required.
Contact professor Jeremy Lefkowitz ( with any questions.


Cognitive Science:


Computer Science:






Educational Studies:
All Educational Studies courses are currently still open for spring 2019 enrollment.

English Literature:




Environmental Studies:

ENVS 009 / BIOL 009 is closed.

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Film and Media Studies:


Gender and Sexuality Studies:


Greek-see Classics




Interpretation Theory:


Japanese- see Modern Languages and Literatures


Latin-see Classics


Latin American and Latino Studies:




Literature - see Modern Languages and Literatures


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Mathematics and Statistics:


Modern Languages and Literature:





New course: JPNS 022 Introduction to Japanese Linguistics (cross-listed as LING 022) is open via add/drop. Previous knowledge of Japanese or LING001 is desirable.
JPNS 018 Extensive Reading in Japanese is open via add/drop. The course is open to all students of JPNS002 (First-Year Japanese, second semester) and above. 
JPNS 002, JPNS 004, JPNS 013, and JPNS 020 are open by placement (these are the second semesters of First-Year, Second-Year, Third-Year and Fourth-Year Japanese). For placement, contact the instructor or the Japanese Section Head, Will Gardner (






Peace Studies:




Physical Education:


Physics and Astronomy:
PHYS 062: Physics Journal Club (0.5cr) is open.
PHYS 003: General Physics I  (1cr) is open but waitlist only. 
PHYS 003L: General Physics I: Biomedical (1cr) is open. 
PHYS 005 SEC 1: Spacetime and Quanta (1cr) is closed.
PHYS 005 SEC 2: Spacetime and Quanta (1cr) is open
PHYS 007: Introductory Mechanics (1cr) is open. 
PHYS 001C: Earth's Climate & Global Warming is closed.
ASTR 001: Introductory Astronomy is closed.
ASTR 016: Astrophysics: Stars, ISM & Galaxies is closed


Political Science:
POLS 022.01- American Elections- 1st years by interview only.




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RELG 006B-​The Talmud is still open for spring 2019 enrollment.


 Russian - see Modern Languages and Literatures


15402, SOCI 004B FYS:Intro to Social Thry (T)
17832, SOCI 006C FYS: Wrking Clas & Polit White
17010, SOCI 010J.02 War Sport & Masculine Identity
17428, SOCI 024C LatnAmer Soc Through its Novel
17286, SOCI 027D Qualitative Methods(M)
17429, SOCI 037C Racial Geographies
17431, SOCI 048L Urban Crime & Punishment
17697, SOCI 062B Sociology of Education (T)(W)
17432, SOCI 109 Distinction: Class & Tastes(1)


 Sociology and Anthropology:


 Spanish - see Modern Languages and Literatures


 Statistics -  see Mathematics and Statistics