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Clubs and Club Sports that offer PE credit

Club or club sport participation in PE-recognized clubs or club sports earn 1 PE unit per semester. You do not register for this, the organizer will certify participation after the season. Attendance counts.

For the 2013-14 year:

Club Sports:
Men's Rugby (fall & spring)
Women's Rugby (fall & spring)
Men's Ultimate Frisbee (fall & spring)
Women's Ultimate Frisbee (fall & spring)
Men's Club Volleyball (spring only)
Men's Club Badminton (winter only)
Fencing (fall & spring)

Squash Club (winter only)
Capeoira (fall & spring)
Tango (fall & spring)
Swing Dance (fall & spring)
Folk Dance (fall & spring)

M. Badminton and Squash are by sport season, remaining activities are by semester.