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Terrill Salter

High School Teacher
Department of Mathematics
McMain Magnet High School

"I am currently teaching AP Calculus and Precalculus at McMain Magnet High school in New Orleans. I am lucky to have very small classes: my smallest class this year is a 7-student AP Calculus class, while my largest class is only 17 students.

"I try to use Swarthmore math seminar techniques to teach my small Calculus classes. The students are all bright and motivated, and I try to let their questions and explorations guide what we do in class. I love teaching math, especially Calculus. I enjoy the challenge of coming up with activities that help the students discover ideas for themselves, and I love it when a student asks a question that takes us down a previously unexplored path.

"I have attached a picture of my students wearing their Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Crowns. Every year, they wear these crowns on the day when they learn the F. T. o' C. Most of them proudly choose to wear their crowns for the rest of the school day. We also throw confetti at the moment the theorem is proven and eat integral cookies.

"I've also included a picture of the signs I use to promote pi day. We celebrate pi day (March 14) by eating round things, singing pi songs, and having a pi memorization contest. (Clearly, I count Dr. Shimamoto and his wacky teaching techniques as a major inspiration. Does anyone else remember his mask and pancake day in 1994?)