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Study Skills

Studying and Learning Mathematics & Statistics

  1. Mathematics and statistics courses often require study processes different from other courses. In these courses, it is pertinent that you practice problems.  In fact, math and stats can be though of much like a foreign language. It must be practiced every day and often the vocabulary is unfamiliar.  However, with practice and dedication, it will not seem like a foreign language anymore. 
  2. Mathematics and statistics can be seen as a linear learning process. What is learned one day is used the next, and so forth.  Therefore, it is very important to not miss class.  If you absolutely must miss a class, be sure to study the material you missed as soon as possible, and reach out to your professor, peer assistants, or classmates if you need help.  
  3. College mathematics and statistics courses are different from those you took in high school. Instead of going to class everyday during high school, in college you go only two or three times a week. Often, what took an entire school year to learn in high school is now covered in only 14 weeks.  Expect to do more independent work between class meetings.