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Requirements for the Course Minor

The department offers two course minors: a course minor in mathematics and a course minor in statistics.  There are two pathways to the course minor in mathematics; a minor without special emphasis and a minor with a special emphasis in applied mathematics. 

Acceptance into the minors

The requirements for acceptance into either course minor, such as prerequisite courses and grade average, are the same as for acceptance into the major. The courses offered by the Department that do not count towards the major also do not count towards a course minor. Students may not minor in both mathematics and statistics.

Basic requirements to complete all course minors

By graduation, all course minors must have 6 credits in mathematics or statistics.  They also must have credit or placement out of Math 015, Math 025, Math 027 or 028, and one of Math 033, 034, or 035. 

Additional requirements are as follows:

  • A course minor in mathematics without special emphasis also needs 3 courses in mathematics and statistics numbered over 043.  At least 1 of those 3 courses must be for Math 063 or Math 067.
  • A course minor in mathematics with an emphasis in applied mathematics also needs credit or placement out of CS 021, Math 043 or Math 044, Math 066, and at least one of Math 054, 056, or Stat 051.
  • A course minor in statistics also needs credit or placement out of CS 021, Stat 021, Stat 051, and Stat 061.

Credit/No Credit Policy

At most one upper level math/stat course taken outside of Spring 2020 can be taken credit/no credit and still count for the minor.  This limit does not include courses that are only offered credit/no credit, but it does include courses for which the grade is uncovered after completion of the course.  In any case, no seminar can be taken credit/no credit except for those taken during Spring 2020.   There are also requirements on which courses must be taken at Swarthmore; see the document for the last two years (either the Feb 2023 or Feb 2024 version) for full details.