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Math 15 honors attachment


In Fall 2012, the Swarthmore College Department of Mathematics and Statistics was pleased to pilot Math 15-HA, an honors attachment to Math 15. We plan to offer it again in Fall 2014.

Math 15-HA will provide an honors-level experience for those students in first-semester calculus (Math 15) who want to excel in the sciences and who are willing to do the hard work that is required for such success. Students must apply to get into Math 15-HA, and entrance to the course will be determined by a commitment to both hard work and excellence rather than by high school GPA, math SAT scores, or past performance in math classes.

Math 15-HA is modeled after the Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) developed at Berkeley in the late 1970's by mathematician Uri Treisman; since then, more than 100 schools across the U.S. have adapted ESP to fit the unique needs of the students at their own institutions. Each of these programs shares the common mission of pro-actively facilitating the development of the advanced study skills required for success in science at the college level while simultaneously giving a firm foundation in calculus. Our adaptation aims to offer a fun, challenging, rewarding experience to science students who place into Math 15.

In Fall 2014, Math 15-HA will meet Monday and Wednesday afternoons, from 2:40 – 3:55pm, during which students work together in groups on challenging calculus problems. Additional academic and social events will be held throughout the semester. We invite a diverse group of students to apply to Math 15-HA; those who are accepted will receive .5 credits, in addition to the 1 credit they will earn for their concurrent Math 15 course.

While participation in Math 15-HA is restricted, any interested student planning to take Math 15 is eligible to apply. An online application form will be posted here in late July.