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Ethan Jones '24

Ethan Jones

First math class at Swarthmore: Math 27 linear algebra.

What was your favorite math class and why? Math 44 differential equations because Victor Barranca is such a great professor.

Why did you become a math major?  I think math is an incredibly beautiful field of study and solving complex problems feels similar to solving a jigsaw puzzle.

How do you expect to use your mathematics after leaving Swarthmore? I expect to use my mathematics in any engineer or scientist career I pursue upon graduation and may even return to graduate school for an advanced degree in mathematics.

What advice do you have for an incoming student? My best advice to an incoming student is to be patient is to be patient with yourself, the jump from high school to the academic rigor of Swarthmore can be a hard adjustment to make but it is definitely possible but it takes time to get used to. Don't be too hard on yourself.