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Dr. Phil Chodrow '12

I’m an early-career faculty member at Middlebury, a small liberal arts school similar to Swarthmore in many ways. My research focuses on network science, the scientific study of interconnected systems in nature and society. In my research, I freely draw on ideas from applied mathematics, machine learning, statistics, and physics in order to develop network models and understand their properties. I’m also a passionate educator. My pedagogy emphasizes active learning, critical perspective, and an equity lens in STEM classrooms. 

Before Middlebury, I completed a PhD in operations research at MIT and a postdoc in applied mathematics at UCLA. I also did a Fulbright year in Oslo, Norway and worked as a data analyst at Health Leads, a mission-driven healthcare nonprofit. My time at Swarthmore has been huge for my career.   At Swat, I received an exceptional education in mathematics; trained in critical writing and pedagogy; and formed habits of mind to draw connections and seek new perspectives. Every day, my experience at Swarthmore supports my research, teaching, and daily life.