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J.H. Kwabena Nketia

J.H. Kwabena Nketia

Selected Pieces

The works listed below were composed by J.H. Kwabena Nketia, renowned ethnomusicologist, composer, founding director of the International Center for African Music and Dance, and former Cornell Visiting Professor at Swarthmore. The sound files come from a four CD set entitled Selected Pieces released in 2003 as part of the ICAMD Collection of Digital Music series, ICAMD-DMV1-4. The music was programmed and digitally performed by Andrews K. Agyemfra-Tettey.


Volume 1

track 1 Dance of the Forest, No. 1 (Mmoatia Sankuo), trio for strings (3:46) pdf
track 2 Dance of the Forest, No. 2 (Ananse Akuamoa), strings and percussion (2:27) pdf
track 3 Atwimu (traditional dance), piano (2:22) pdf
track 4 Asaadua (traditional dance), violin and piano (4:24) pdf
track 5 Adanse Kronkron (orchestral) (2:00) pdf
track 6 Dance of the Maidens, No. 1 (canzona for flute, oboe, piano, and percussion) "Nkc !Gyina Yεn" (2:43) pdf
track 7 Dance of the Maidens, No.2 (canzona for flute, oboe, piano, and percussion) "Chene Nante Brεε" (2:52) pdf
track 8 Dance of the Maidens, No.3 (canzona for flute, oboe, piano, and percussion) "Mampcn Kwan Ware" (4:06) pdf
track 9 San Bra Fie (air for strings) (2:19) pdf
track 10 Gya Me Kwan (canzona), flute and piano (1:28)  

Volume 2

track 1 Three Ghanaian Airs, No.1 (Obi Nya N'ade), Hilife after Kakaiku, viola and piano (1:03) pdf
track 2 Three Ghanaian Airs, No.2 (Owora), Hilife after Kyei Mensah, viola and piano (2:04) pdf
track 3 Three Ghanaian airs, No.3 (Dagarti work song), viola and piano (1:33) pdf
track 4 Cow Lane Sextet, No. 1, piccolo/flute, clarinet, trumpet, xylophone, timpani (atumpan), and side drum (brekete) (3:35) pdf
track 5 Akatin (traditional dance), strings (1:58)  
track 6 Dantuo Mu Awc (traditional Nnwomkorc song), flutes and piano (2:04) pdf
track 7 Nkwantabisa (at the crossroads), trio for flutes, violin, and cello (2:18) pdf
track 8 Me Nua Sεεwaa (serenade), flute and piano (2:10) pdf
track 9 Onipa Bεyεε Bi (canzona), trumpet and piano (1:37)  
track 10 Cdcnscn, Hilife after O. P. Mireku, vox humana, acoustic guitar, flutes, and percussion (2:46)  

Volume 3

track 1 Sataso Na Agorc Wc (traditional dance), flutes and piano (1:53)  
track 2 Ewe-Fon Trilogy, No. 1 (invocation), fon (Benin), piano (1:50) pdf
track 3 Ewe-Fon Trilogy, No.2 (supplication), La lem loo! (Ewe), flutes and piano (2:08) pdf
track 4 Ewe-Fon Trilogy, No.3 (dance of joy), Agbadza, flute and piano (1:10) pdf
track 5 Kwadede (folk song), violin and piano (1:12) pdf
track 6 Bcfoc ba (canzona), flute, and piano (1:07)  
track 7 Volta fantasy, piano (2:38)  
track 8 Akpalu, piano (1:07)  
track 9 Egyanka Ba, Hilife after Kakaiku, clarinet and piano (1:20) pdf
track 10 Nante Yiye, strings (1:28)  

Volume 4

track 1 Nkyirimma Nyε Bi, strings (2:14)  
track 2 Four Flute Pieces, No.1 (thoughts of youth), flute and piano (3:03)  
track 3 Four Flute Pieces, No. 2 (a widow's prayer), flute and piano (4:54)  
track 4 Four Flute Pieces, No. 3 (this is death), flute and piano (1:35)  
track 5 Four Flute Pieces, No. 4 (asuo meresen), flute and piano (1:47)  
track 6 Cdasuom (midnight), oboe and piano (1:36) pdf
track 7 Builsa Work Song, piano (1:06)  
track 8 Libation, Hilife after E. K. Nyame, piano (2:03)  
track 9 Playtime, piano (1:25)  
track 10 Mεsom Wo, french horn and strings (2:41)  

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