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Robert Parris Moses

Robert Moses

Robert Moses, you are a leading pioneer of the Civil Rights movement and an educator of extraordinary vision, who on a national scale has brought innovative training in science and math literacy to the challenge of overcoming persistent, debilitating sources of inequality in our society.
The complete charge from President Alfred H. Bloom is available here.

Doing voter registration in the 1960s was not radical per se.

Taking sit-in movement insurgencies, nemeses of Jim-Crow, into 1960s Mississippi, doing voter registration to gain political access for Delta sharecroppers was. Getting down to and understanding the root cause of Jim-Crow, facing it and devising means to uproot it, was radical, Ella Baker "radical." Easier said than done, as is getting down to who we are as a nation of constitutional people. Understanding that Africans in America, after 1787, were reborn as constitutional property. That, after the Civil War, under sharecropping and sharecropper education, driven, always down, by Jim-Crow, African Americans evolved as constitutional strangers until sit-in insurgents, nemeses of Jim-Crow, occupied seats as constitutional people at, of all places, Woolworth's five and ten cents lunch counters.

In these historical foot steps, the Algebra Project with the Young People's Project, stride as 21st-century math insurgents, occupying seats as constitutional people, as school math insurgents, nemeses of the nation's legacies of sharecropper education. Join our education insurgency. Teach math with us in the New Orleans public schools.