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President Chopp's Introduction of Thomas Powers '13

Thomas Powers and Rebecca Chopp

Good morning. I am pleased to introduce you to Thomas Powers, who was chosen by his classmates to be their senior class speaker.

Tom graduates today with an Honors major in history and Honors minor in art history. He came to Swarthmore from Cheyenne, Wyo., and has become fully acclimated to this region and plans to stay here to continue exploring a career in the world of the art museum-particularly the opportunity it offers him to continue his interest in history and art history to nurture his perception of the museum as a cross road of connections over time and distance.

Many of you in this audience already know about another of Tom's deep passions, his ability to entertain as an improv comic. In fact, when he sets up his post college life in Philadelphia, he will also be able to continue his work as a comic at the Philly Improv Theatre.

Tom has - in addition to his museum interest, his scholarship in history, and his life in comedy - exercised his good citizenship in this community as a Media Center consultant and, over four years, as a member and treasurer of Swarthmore Improv Sketch Comedy and, in 2011-12, as head programmer of Swarthmore Comedy Weekend festival. 

I am delighted to welcome him to the podium as the speaker for the Class of 2013. Tom!