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Visitors to the College, including Trico and Alumni

Below is a list of resources available to visitors & sponsored guests , trico guests, alumni, and parents. 


  • All visitors to the Swarthmore College campus have access to the wireless network through the SSID SwatGuest.
    • Visitors to 101 S. Chester need an authorization code to access SwatGuest.
  • Printing is not available via SwatGuest. Printing for visitors is only available in McCabe library. See Circulation Desk for help.
  • Computer login - McCabe library has a guest account that can be used on the library computers.

Sponsored Guests

Short-term Guests

  • Sponsored Guests should use SwatGuest Wireless.
  • For computer login, the department or faculty member sponsoring the guest should log into any Swarthmore computer needed by the guest.
  • Laptop adapter/dongle for presenting, can be requested through Classroom and Conferencing Technologies


  • Printing is not available via SwatGuest. Please see your department sponsor for printing.
  • Guests can print from the Libraries via the public computers.
  • Moodle access, for guests not registered in a course
    • Faculty member teaching the course can provide guest access.
    • To receive credit for the course, you must be officially registered as a student.

Extended Guest Access

  • Faculty/staff can request extended SwatGuest wireless access or temporary accounts for guests they are sponsoring
  • SwatGuest wireless accounts can be extended through the Help Desk. The faculty/staff sponsor should submit a request before the account expires (SwatGuest accounts expire in 4 days).
  • Temporary accounts can be requested for sponsored guests, for research or similar purposes. The faculty/staff sponsor should submit a request through the Help Desk. Below is a list of the types of accounts that can be requested:
    • Wireless (internet only)
    • Network account (login to eduroam and computers)
    • Google account (email and Google apps)

Support for Presentations

  • Classroom and Conferencing Technologies provides audiovisual support for our classrooms. Please see more information on which display ports are available in our HD Classrooms

Extending Accounts to work with Graduating Seniors

  • Accounts can be extended for research purposes
  • Requests should be made by faculty member sponsoring the research
  • When requesting extension, include end date and purpose of request
  • If hiring a graduate, must be submitted through HR. Graduating seniors cannot be hired as a student worker.

Trico Guests

  • Users from Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges, should use eduroam, the College's authenticated wireless network.
  • Trico students registered in a Swarthmore course, can login  to Moodle with their Swarthmore credentials.
  • You must be registered for a Swarthmore course to log into Moodle.  If you are not registered, you can request Guest access by contacting the faculty member teaching the course.



  • ITS is not able to provide access to student accounts due to FERPA.
  • The Student Accounts Office can help with problems related to E-Bills.


  • Limited access can be requested, based on the specific need
  • Should be requested by department working with the vendor
  • Submit request through the Help Desk, detailing what type of access is needed and why