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Visitors to the College, including Trico and Alumni

Below is a list of resources available to visitors & sponsored guests , trico guests, alumni, and parents. 


  • All visitors to the Swarthmore College campus have access to the wireless network through the SSID SwatGuest.
    • Visitors to 101 S. Chester need an authorization code to access SwatGuest.
  • Printing is not available via SwatGuest. Printing for visitors is only available in McCabe library. See Circulation Desk for help.
  • Computer login - McCabe library has a guest account that can be used on the library computers.

Sponsored Guests

  • Short-term Guests, sponsored by a department or faculty member for one day
    • Sponsored Guests should use SwatGuest Wireless.
    • For computer login, the department or faculty member sponsoring the guest should log into any Swarthmore computer needed by the guest.
    • Laptop adapter/dongle for presenting, can be requested through Classroom and Conferencing Technologies
  • Printing
    • Printing is not available via SwatGuest. Please see your department sponsor for printing.
    • Guests can print from the Libraries via the public computers.
  • Moodle access, for guests not registered in a course
    • Faculty member teaching the course can provide guest access.
    • To receive credit for the course, you must be officially registered as a student.
  • Extended Guest Access
    • Faculty/staff can request extended SwatGuest wireless access or temporary accounts for guests they are sponsoring
    • SwatGuest wireless accounts can be extended through the Help Desk. The faculty/staff sponsor should submit a request before the account expires (SwatGuest accounts expire in 4 days).
    • Temporary accounts can be requested for sponsored guests, for research or similar purposes. The faculty/staff sponsor should submit a request through the Help Desk. Below is a list of the types of accounts that can be requested:
      • Wireless (internet only)
      • Network account (login to eduroam and computers)
      • Google account (email and Google apps)
  • Support for Presentations
    • Classroom and Conferencing Technologies provides audiovisual support for our classrooms. Please see more information on which display ports are available in our HD Classrooms
  • Extending Accounts to work with Graduating Seniors
    • Accounts can be extended for research purposes
    • Requests should be made by faculty member sponsoring the research
    • When requesting extension, include end date and purpose of request
    • If hiring a graduate, must be submitted through HR. Graduating seniors cannot be hired as a student worker.

Trico Guests

  • Users from Haverford and Bryn Mawr Colleges, should use eduroam, the College's authenticated wireless network.
  • Trico students registered in a Swarthmore course, can login  to Moodle with their Swarthmore credentials.
  • You must be registered for a Swarthmore course to log into Moodle.  If you are not registered, you can request Guest access by contacting the faculty member teaching the course.



  • ITS is not able to provide access to student accounts due to FERPA.
  • The Student Accounts Office can help with problems related to E-Bills.


  • Limited access can be requested, based on the specific need
  • Should be requested by department working with the vendor
  • Submit request through the Help Desk, detailing what type of access is needed and why