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Information Technology Student Associate - ITSA

Group picture of the Fall 2018 ITSAs

What is an ITSA?

ITSAs are specially trained sophomores, juniors, and seniors that work with the ITS Help Desk team to assist people across campus (faculty, staff, and students) with technology related issues.  They answer questions and troubleshoot technical problems (including phones, printers, software, hardware, mobile devices, web applications, networking, G Suite, Swarthmore accounts, and logging into Swarthmore-related services).  Training starts early August, before the semester begins, and continues throughout the year.  There is 8-hours of refresher training in January, with supplemental training for new ITSAs.

During the day, ITSAs work with the Help Desk staff in Beardsley Hall.  On nights and weekends, they provide after-hours support via McCabe Library.  When working in-person in McCabe Library, you'll find them at the IT Consultant station behind the circulation desk.  In addition to in-person support, they provide remote support via the ITS Service Portal, phone, and Zoom.  To find out when ITSAs are on duty, go to ITS hours and locations.

Students selected for the ITSA position have demonstrated abilities of leadership, professionalism, customer service, communication, problem solving/troubleshooting, and technical skill.  They are students who enjoy working with technology, learning about technology, and helping others solve problems.  As members of the campus community living on campus and taking classes, they provide a unique perspective, drawing on their personal experiences and training to break things down into clear, simple steps, and to explain technical things in everyday language.

Information Technology Student Associate is a dynamic position, working in a team-based environment, that offers challenge, reward, and growth.  ITSAs expand their troubleshooting, communication, and tech oriented skills while interacting with a variety of clients, who have a variety of technical devices, questions, and problems.  They will also research and document problem solutions; setup phones, computers, and printers; develop and display graphic skills by creating posters, and assist in ITS social media projects..

How do I become an ITSA?

Look for hiring announcements sent via email to the class year listservs.  ITS hires students in the spring for both summer positions and the upcoming fall semester.  Students may apply for a summer position, or the upcoming fall.  A small number of students are hired in the fall for the spring semester, to fill positions vacated by students going abroad.  

To learn more, go to ITS student employment.

Are ITSAs Computer Science majors?

Some are computer science majors, but that is not a requirement.  Throughout the years, ITSAs have also been Humanity, Social Science, Engineering, Art, Theater, and Education majors.  They are tech enthusiasts who specialize in understanding how people use technology, the person-technology interaction, and can be described as Technology Psychologists or Technology Linguists.