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Classroom Learning Spaces

The College provides a robust technology infrastructure. All classrooms are equipped with HD integrated presentation systems. All campus buildings are connected by both wired and wireless networks. All rooms may be reserved for classes or workshops by visiting in the College's space reservation system, Swat Central.

The Academic Technology and Language and Media Center teams take an active interest in Learning Spaces on campus.  If you have ideas for, or concerns about, existing Learning Spaces on campus, please let us know.

A map of locations


A large display screen is mounted on the wallabove 2 speakers. Student art is displayed on the walls. A person with long hair sits at a table studying.

Beardsley Media Center

The Media Center has 25 workstations that include Mac and PC computers. It is one of our flexible learning spaces that supports digital initiatives and encourages technological exploration. There is an HDMI connection to a flat panel monitor for instruction as well as Apple TV. The Media Center is in 114 Beardsley Hall.

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Green tablet arm chairs in Kohlberg room 116

Kohlberg 116 Active Learning Classroom

This room has a flexible design to facilitate group work. It is equipped with up to 30 tablet-arm chairs on casters with extra writing surfaces including 30 small portable whiteboards, multiple projectors and wireless projection capability.

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Faculty sitting at computer desks listening to Professor Hauze present about teaching with iPad Pros.

Language Center

The Language Center has 20 Mac computer workstations. It is one of our flexible learning spaces that supports digital initiatives and encourages technological exploration. There are HDMI connections and wireless Apple TV connections to a projector for instruction or presentation. The Language Resource Center is in Kohlberg Hall 326.

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4 rows of desks and computers on retractible arms, 2 large whiteboards are fastened to the walls and a teaching podium is positioned in off to the side of the whiteboards.

McCabe 306

McCabe 306 offers 30 student and one instructor Macintosh computer.  Of those 30, four are laptops attached to a collaboration table, with an independent large screen monitor ideal for small group work. This room has dual projection with HDMI wired connections as well as Apple TV wireless projection connectivity. The collaboration table screen can also be driven from the instructor's workstation.

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Singer Flexspace 034/035

This room is our largest flexible learning space with a seating capacity of 79. Its flexible design lends itself to group work, with floor to ceiling  whiteboards, multiple projectors and wireless projection capability.

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Singer 222

Singer 222 offers a 22 student and one instructor Dell desktop systems running Windows OS. This classroom has our standard AV system complete with HDMI connections for external sources. The monitors in each workstation are attached to articulating arms that easily glide below the desk surface, removing the monitor as a distraction during more discussion based portions of a class. 

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Work desks situated in the center of the Makerspace in Whittier.

Whittier MakerSpace

The MakerSpace includes a wood shop and digital fabrication lab located in Whittier Hall Rm 114. It serves as a physical and visual nexus for the MakerSpace Ecosystem and the Swarthmore Innovation Collaborative’s work. The space represents an open and communal facility with resources for making, including tools for digital, mechanical, and manual fabrication. 

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