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We have been working to strengthen and improve mySwarthmore’s design to be more accessible, user-friendly, and mobile-friendly, making this tool easier to use and more secure. The updated mySwarthmore experience, launching Fall 2022, brings a new look and feel to the site, while offering the same functionality.

Log into mySwarthmore, using your College network credentials; if you are off campus, you must log into the College’s VPN, as an added security measure, to access mySwarthmore. 

Key Updates

  • Mobile-first design that will make mySwarthmore easier to access, anywhere.
  • Clean, user-friendly, and accessible interface to help you easily find what you’re looking for.
  • Greater security for your data, on and off campus.
  • Two notable changes:
    • Direct Deposit information is now located under the Main Menu, under General Information 
    • Update your Personal Pronoun and Gender Identification under Main Menu -> General Information -> Personal Information 

MySwarthmore Resources

The updated mySwarthmore is designed to be intuitive to use and easy to navigate. Should you need more support, you can find resources for using mySwarthmore on the ITS Knowledgebase or reach out to to schedule a training session with your department.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the url to access the new mySwarthmore? 

What are the layout and navigation changes in the new version of mySwarthmore?

Responsive design makes this new version of mySwarthmore accessible no matter what device you use to access.

For example, in the new version there is a main navigation bar that displays at the top (the number of items in your display may be different depending on the access you have).

Below this main navigation bar, there are options that are presented as tiles (in the prior version, all of these options were presented as menus). These tiles allow for the page to be accessible on various devices, such as desktops with large monitors, laptops with smaller screens, tablets, mobile phones, etc. When a tile is clicked, it will take you to either a sub-tile selection page or a page where you are able to view your desired information or take related action(s).​​​​​​

Does access to the new version of mySwarthmore differ from the prior version?

Yes. Additional security was added to the new version of mySwarthmore. 

From off-campus, Swarthmore's VPN (Virtual Private Network) is required to access mySwarthmore. For more information on installing and configuring Swarthmore's VPN, please visit the ITS KnowledgeBase page on VPN and off-campus access.

Can I still change my Google Display Name?

Yes, just click the Directory Information tile.​​​​​​

How do I change my address?

If you are a student and need your address changed in mySwarthmore, please contact the Registrar's office at

Faculty and staff members can make the change directly in mySwarthmore by clicking on Change Home Address with HR under the Employee Menu.​​​​​

Some of my information is inaccurate, how do I get that corrected?

Faculty: contact the Provost's Office at
Staff: contact the Human Resources information systems team at​​​​​​
Students: contact the Registrar's Office at