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Equipment Removal and Return


Identify employee guidelines for requesting the removal of office equipment for remote work, as well as equipment return.


Employees should determine the computer equipment necessary to complete work from a remote location in a timely, efficient, and professional manner.

Any equipment provided by the College must be inventoried and approved by a supervisor or department chair (student employee requests must be approved and submitted by a supervisor). A list of this equipment should be sent to and to
Human Resources,who will retain the list in the individual’s personnel file. 

Removing Office Computers and Equipment

Employees requesting to have computers unlocked to be removed from campus should submit a request (form below) listing all of the equipment that is being removed. To ensure requests are properly handled, please provide a minimum of 7-days advanced notice.

If you have any questions about the process you can use the ITS Support Portal to submit a ticket or email ITS at

Returning Office Computers and Equipment

Employees no longer working remotely should return computers and equipment to the location it was removed from unless another arrangement is made with their supervisor such as a change in office location. When equipment is returned, contact ITS via the ITS Support Portal or via email at

End of Employment

The employee will be required to return any College-owned property upon request or if no longer employed by the college: Ex: Laptop, Desktop, Monitors, iPad, peripherals (mice, keyboards, printers, adapters), etc. Equipment should be returned to your department, who will coordinate with ITS and Human Resources, by the official last day of employment. If an extension is required, it needs to be approved through HR (staff) or the Provost (faculty).

Visit End of Staff Member's Employment in the Human Resources Employee Handbook for more information.

Information Security

Employees working remotely must follow all procedures outlined in the College’s Acceptable Use Policy and Information Security Policy to ensure the following (contact ITS for assistance):  

  • Protection of College data from theft, loss, or unauthorized access during transit and at the alternate worksite.
  • Operating system based firewalls are enabled and anti-virus software is operational on all remote-site, college-owned computers. 
  • Hard drive encryption is enabled (ITS can verify this upon request).
  • Sensitive information or Personally-Identifiable Information (PII) in hardcopy form is returned to the office or shredded. 
  • All work is backed up via ITS-provided software.
  • Access to the College network from the remote worksite is via VPN.
  • Follow the College’s guidelines regarding the handling of public records.
  • Employees should not allow unauthorized individuals to use College equipment or to access the College network.
  • College sensitive and PII data is not to be kept on flash drives or other portable drives unless they are encrypted and require a password for access.