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Student Employment

Group picture of ITS student employes.

Move-In Day - ITSAs posing for a picture before heading out to help New Students with tech-support issues.

ITS has a number of opportunities available for the summer and the academic year.  The ITSA (IT Student Associate) position with Support Services is available year round, and accepts applications for both the summer and the academic year.  Our summer positions include: ITSA, the Computer Replacement Team, and Network and Telephone Associate.  The school year positions include Accessibility, Classroom and Conferencing Technologies, ITSA, the Language and Media Centers, and MakerSpace.

Summer positions are generally announced toward the end of February, and the application period closes around the end of Spring Break.  Each position has its own application period, and may vary slightly from these guidelines.  Decisions are sent out before the Summer Housing Lottery, so that candidates can apply for housing.  Housing is NOT included with summer employment.  Summer positions are full time, so applicants must be able to work 35 hrs/wk for the full 10-week period.

ITSAs work with the ITS Help Desk to assist people across campus (faculty, staff, and students) with technology related questions, problems, and issues.  Students wishing to work as an ITSA during the school year MUST be able to return to school early, for August training.  Training takes place two weeks before the start of Fall classes, and runs Monday - Friday.

To learn more about each position, and to submit an application, read the descriptions below:

Year Round Opportunities

Accessibility Remediation Specialist
  • Job Overview - A team-oriented position for students interested in learning more about accessibility and how technology can empower others and make a Swarthmore education accessible to all admitted.
  • What's Needed - Proactive and motivated students, interested in learning more about the adaptive and assistive technologies and what we can do to make electronic content available to everyone at Swarthmore. Students should have excellent organizational skills, pay attention to detail, be superb documenters, and have excellent verbal and written communications skills.
  • Availability - potentially year-round (summer and academic year, depending on projects)
  • Expanded Description and Application - Accessibility Remediation Specialist Expanded Description and Application
Help Desk ITSA

A dynamic position, in a team-based environment, that offers challenge, reward, and growth - as well as an opportunity for advancement.  Senior ITSAs (returning ITSAs who have worked at the Help Desk for a couple of semesters) have the opportunity to take on any of the following additional roles: Team Leader, Labman, Dorm Supply, and Marketing/Communications Associate.  Students selected for these positions have demonstrated abilities of leadership, professionalism, customer service, communication, problem solving/troubleshooting, and technical skill.

  • Job Overview - Expand troubleshooting, communication, tech oriented skills while interacting with a variety of clients, who have a variety of technical devices, questions, and problems - a multi-faceted position as part of the Help Desk team, working with the whole campus community (faculty, staff, and students). 
  • Projects – In addition to the day-to-day operations, interns have the opportunity to be part of, or spear head, creative technical projects that may include video, graphic design, instruction, or any other venture that helps promote ITS and ITS services across campus.
  • What’s Needed - Position is for the proactive motivated learner, with excellent written and verbal communication skills, who wants to help people, learn more about technology, has basic Mac and Windows knowledge, and wants to be part of a collaborative team.  Knowledge of networking and/or foreign language is a plus.
  • Availability - year round (summer and academic year)
  • Expanded Description and Application -

Summer Opportunities

Help Desk ITSA - Summer
  • Job Overview - As part of the Help Desk team, Summer ITSAs work in a dynamic environment expanding technical, troubleshooting, and communication skills. It's a multi-faceted position working with the whole campus community (faculty, staff, and students), on a wide variety of computer-related problems and projects. In addition to day-to-day operations, associates also work on creative digital projects to help promote ITS and ITS-related services across campus.
  • What’s Needed - Position is for a tech-oriented, proactive motivated learner, with excellent communication and people skills.
  • Availability - summer
  • Expanded Description and Application - ITS Summer Opportunities
Computer Replacement Team Associate
  • Job Overview - A team oriented technical position that handles computer replacements across campus.  Associates interact with clients to ensure a smooth transition from their old computer to their new one – includes protection, backing up and transfer of data; imaging of new Mac and Windows machines; troubleshooting of problems; set up and delivery of new computer.
  • What’s Needed - Position is for the internally motivated person with excellent time management skills, as well as written and verbal communication skills.  Technical training will build upon existing Mac and windows knowledge.
  • Availability - summer
  • Expanded Description and Application - ITS Summer Opportunities
Networking/Telecom Associate
  • Job Overview - Gain valuable professional experience in the field of networking technology and telecom, by assisting the Networking Team and Telephone Administrator with projects across campus.  Projects may include, but not limited to: assisting with telephone and equipment upgrades, troubleshooting network and telephone connections, and other network related projects.  Learn the campus and its buildings through the network structure, which is located in remote closets and basements throughout campus.  This position is for true explorers.
  • What’s Needed – Good interpersonal skills, excellent communication, attention to detail, good note taking and superb documentation skills.  Should have working knowledge of Windows and Mac operating systems, as well as a sense of adventure.
  • Availability - summer, depending on projects
  • Expanded Description and Application - No positions available Summer 2019

Academic Year Opportunities

Media Center Consultant
  • Job Overview -  Consultants provide support for students, faculty and staff who visit the media center, offering expertise in Adobe Creative Suite, image scanning, audio recording, and large-format printing.
  • What's Needed - Media Center consultants should enjoy the creative process, and possess an interest in storytelling, video editing, photography, audio production, graphic design, or animation. Above all, associates should be enthusiastic teachers, excited to share their skills with peers - whether explaining the technical aspects of an Adobe program, offering a critical eye to a friend in need of design advice, or leading a workshop on photo editing. Being tech-savvy is a must, and computer skills that go beyond Adobe Creative Suite are considered a bonus.
  • Availability - academic year only
  • Application - Not available at this time
Classroom and Conferencing Technologies Associates (Office Assistant & Videographer)
  • Job Overview - Contact Classroom and Conferencing Technologies for details
  • Availability - academic year only