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Records Management at Swarthmore

The Records Management Program at Swarthmore College is defined by a Records Management Policy [PDF] that establishes and governs the program, as well as retention schedules that designate the appropriate handling of record types on a department-by-department basis.

All employees of Swarthmore College are responsible for managing and maintaining their records in compliance with the Swarthmore College Records Management Program as well as applicable department policies and the law. The Records Management program is overseen by the Office of General Counsel. The Information Security Committee is responsible for developing, implementing, and administering the program. Each department is responsible for developing and updating its records retention schedule as appropriate, in coordination with the Information Security Committee.

Most departments at Swarthmore College do not yet have a retention schedule in place with the Information Security Committee. The Information Security Committee maintains a list of departments on campus and will proceed with scheduling departments for support in developing records management procedures on a case-by-case basis, prioritizing departments based on a variety of factors including: the liability and complexity of a department’s records, the degree to which effective records management protocols are already in place, the eagerness of the department to participate.

Key Contacts for Information or Assistance

On-Campus Training Sessions and Presentations

January 19, 2017: "Food for Thought: Records Management" presentation slides [link to Google Drive]