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Ways to Be a Leader at Swarthmore

Student Presentation

Academics | Culture | Activism | Communications and Art | Community Collaboration | Athletics | Student Activities and Residential Life


Academic Grader. Academic Graders' work varies by department -- their work involves grading work for large courses.

Disability Services. Students assist peers who have disabilities by taking class notes, scribing essays, or recording lectures. 

Information Technology Student Associate (ITSA).  Students who work with the ITS Help Desk team to assist people across campus (faculty, staff, and students) with technology related issues.

Lang Scholars. The Lang Scholarship is available for sophomores who are interested in using Swarthmore funds for their community-based projects. 

Research Assistants. Research Assistants' work varies by department and professor. 

SAM: Student Academic Mentor. Student Academic Mentors hold office hours in the dorms and libraries for students interested in discussing their academic routes and interests. 

SPA: Speaking Associate. Speaking Associates work in the Writing Center and are trained to help students brainstorm, outline, edit, and practice their class presentations and speeches. 

TA: Teaching Assistant. Teaching Assistants' work varies on the professor they are working with -- they usually assist with grading, class organization, and communication.

Tutors, ninjas, Pi-rates, Science Associates, Wizards. All of these are hired by various departments to hold help sessions for students in intro-level courses, such as Bio 1, Chem 10, and Physics 3.

WA: Writing Associate. Writing Associates work in the Writing Center and are trained to help students brainstorm, outline, or edit their essays. 

WAM: Writing Associate Mentors. Writing Associate Mentors work in the Writing Center and meet one-on-one with students on a weekly basis to help them on their writing and speaking skills. 


Black Cultural Center Interns

Intercultural Center Interns

Interfaith Interns

SRP: Student Resource Persons. Facilitate Tri-Co Institute workshops the week before Freshman Orientation. 


ASAP: Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention. Positions available as coordinators, facilitators, peer responders, and members of the outreach committee.

Green Advising: Reduce campus waste. Positions available as coordinators and advisors. 

SHC: Sexual Health Counselor. Provide contraceptives and information about STDs/STIs, contraceptives, and sex. 

SMART: Sexual Misconduct Advisors and Resource Team. Students and staff interested in providing resources for survivors of sexual assault.

Student Health Advisory Council. Communicate with the health center about student health. 

Sustainability Committee. Meet to discuss sustainability measures on campus. 

Women's Resource Center Housesitters. Maintain open hours at the Women's Resource Center and provide a dry space on campus for lectures, conversations, and activities. 

Women's Resource Center Intern. Act as a liaison between the Student Affairs Division, WRC house sitters, and WRC board members.

Communications and Art:

Daily Gazette. Swarthmore's online newspaper. Positions available as reporters, columnists, copy editors, photographers, and web technicians. 

Orchestra. Auditions available through the Music Department. 

Phoenix. Swarthmore's independent campus newspaper. Positions available as writers, copy editors, layout editors, photographers, etc. 

SCCS: Swarthmore College Computer Society. Student-run group that offers computing services to campus. 

Swarthmore Independent. An independent publication staffed by conservative, libertarian, and moderate students. 

War News Radio. Swarthmore's radio channel about war and politics. 

Community Collaboration:

College Access Center Coordinators

Dare 2 Soar Tutoring Program. Provide academic resources for K-12 students in the Chester, Pennsylvania area. Positions available as coordinators and tutors. 

Lang Center of Civic and Social Responsibility. Many positions available, such as Publicity and Promotions Assistant, Technology Assistant, and Transportation Coordinators. 

Learning for Life. a voluntary, mutual learning program for student-staff-faculty partnerships. 


Athletic Team Captain. Elected or appointed through each athletic team. 

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. A group of Student-Athletes who discuss the athletic and academic balance at Swarthmore. 

Student Activities & Residential Life:

Admissions Fellow. Work extensively with the Admissions department. 

Admissions Tour Guide. Provide tours of Swarthmore's campus through Admissions. 

CPA: Career Peer Advisor. Assist students with writing resumes, cover letters, and searching for internships and externships. 

DART: Drug and Alcohol Resource Team. Work with the health center to promote student safety regarding drugs and alcohol.

GISP: Group Information Session Presenter. Present information at Admissions during campus tours.

Olde Club Coordinators. Coordinate and plan events in Olde Club. 

Orientation Staff. Plan and execute annual Freshman Orientation.

Paces Coordinators. Coordinate and plan events in Paces. 

Party Associates. Trained students who maintain party safety, rules, and regulations. 

RA: Resident Advisor. Foster dynamic dorm communities. 

Student Budget Committee. Provide financial resources to student groups. 

SwatTeam. Trained students who maintain party safety, rules, and regulations.

Social Affairs Committee

Senior Class Council. Raise money for their year's Senior Week and promote school spirit. 

Committee Positions -- General. Participate in campus-wide committees. 

Student Council Leadership roles. Student Government positions for all class years.

Student Employment Committee: Hold office hours for the Student Employment Office. 

If we are missing a group or opportunity to be involved on campus, please email to let us know.