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Celebrating 10 years of Swarthmore's Premier Innovation Competition

SwatTank 2022 Finalists

Now in it's 10th year, SwatTank is an idea competition that provides students with the opportunity to take a rough idea, product, or concept and develop it towards its next incarnation, ideation, or realization. The process has students working together through project-based learning, attending workshops, and receiving mentorship to help develop ideas and build entrepreneurial mindsets. Students are invited to apply using a set of templates and requirements in order to be eligible to compete in the SwatTank Finals. Teams are assessed on overall business idea, their creativity, and quality of their pitch and are rewarded through cash prizes. 

SwatTank 2022 Finals

Below are the three final teams and project descriptions from the SwatTank 2022 Final student teams: Forge, techTutor, and Frequency!  

Forge - First Place and Audience Choice
Roman Hinds ‘25 and Te’John Chapman ‘23
Forge is a mobile application that creates an individualized space to accomplish your fitness goals within a shared community platform and experience. Forge learns your goals, tracks your performance and projects your future ability, while giving you continuous feedback on your progress. Forge revolutionizes the way you work out by allowing you to team up with other users, creating opportunities to connect and motivate each other throughout your personalized, data-driven fitness journey.

techTutor - Second Place
Sean Cheng ‘24, Jacob Park ‘24, Christina Wang ‘22, Tommy Vu ‘24
techTutor is a web-based application that provides on-demand technological help for individuals with lower levels of digital literacy. techTutor provides services in multiple different languages and matches customers with highly trained tutors who can diagnose and resolve their technological issues. Additionally, techTutor offers tutorials and pre-made curriculum to help develop customers' digital proficiency. 

Frequency - Third Place
Dorothy-Rui Corrigan ‘23 and Leonard Park ‘23
Frequency is a social media platform centered around music sharing and listening. Our app promotes music sharing by identifying and improving upon current music streaming services' sharing features that are not user-friendly. Through features like being able to see the favorite music of different communities that one followers, or joining a group of friends to create personalized mini billboards, our app makes sharing and listening to music more of an act of community-building—one that helps people get on the same frequency.