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SwatTank 2022 Finalists

SwatTank is an idea competition, guiding students through the process of conceptualization to pitch. Students start with a rough idea or product and develop it with workshops, mentorship, and collaboration. The students with the most well-developed ideas are invited to pitch their product to a panel of judges in the SwatTank finals. Teams are assessed on overall business idea, creativity, and quality of their pitch and are rewarded through cash prizes. 

SwatTank 2023 Finalist

Below are the three final teams and project descriptions from the SwatTank 2023 Final student teams: Comma,, SQUAD and Travial!  

Anhad Singh ‘26, Aaron Dubois ‘26, Nana Asante ‘26

Through its partnerships with libraries across the globe, Comma offers access to ebooks like never before. With a user experience analogous to Spotify's, Comma is a legal alternative to pirated libraries with comparable access and book collection size. There is no longer a reason to pay for a Kindle or an Apple Book. 
Rodas Jateno ‘24, Olivia Medeiros-Sakimoto ‘25,  Ziming Yuan ‘24 is the Airbnb for productivity tools. Our global marketplace empowers you to personalize your digital workspace, or “suite,” using cutting-edge applications that fit your needs, all under a single, tailored subscription. Like Airbnb supports the little guy, partners with independent developers to offer high-quality services and app bundles that can boost your productivity. Join the community today.

Saumya Raj ‘25, Hojune Kim ‘25, DongGyu Kim ‘25

SQUAD is an AI-powered software-as-a-service that focuses on saving lives by reducing response times of emergency vehicles such as firetrucks. It streamlines the process by analyzing surveillance footage to calculate the quickest route for fire trucks even when encountering parked cars and narrow lanes, and employing a number-detection software to identify and send emergency notifications to drivers of parked cars. Based in Korea and with the potential for expansion to East Asian cities with similar road situations, SQUAD represents a significant step towards improving efficiency, saving lives and bolstering convenience with AI technology. In the era of autonomous vehicles, SQUAD’s future expansion into this industry can serve as a critical communication solution between government agencies and autonomous car companies, ensuring a safer and more efficient traffic system for all.


William Huang ‘23, Nader Almadbooh ‘23, Gary Chen ‘25

Introducing Travial - the ultimate trip-planning app that takes care of everything so you don't have to! With Travial, you can plan a trip with just one click, and we'll take care of everything from lodging to activities; you have complete control over your itinerary, with the option to specify your preferences and constraints, or sit back and let us do all the work for you. It's the stress-free way to plan a trip, with zero decisions required!