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SwatTank 2019 Finalists

SwatTank is an idea competition that provides students with the opportunity to take a rough idea, product, or concept and develop it towards its next incarnation, ideation, or realization. The process has student teams working on developing their ideas and projects by attending workshops, programs, or meeting with staff before putting together an official pitch for Round One. In this round, teams are assessed on overall business idea, their creativity, and quality of their pitch. Top teams are then chosen to compete in the SwatTank Finals in April. 

The 2021 SwatTank is taking putting introducing a new twist from our normal operations. Let us officially introduce, Swat(tiny)Tank: A Pitch Competition. This scaled back format will capture the excitement of starting with an idea and bringing it to the next stages of iteration and give Swarthmore student teams a similar experience of participating in SwatTank. Explore out the Swat(tiny)Tank Webpage for additional information! 

Swat(tiny)Tank Events!

While there are no required events to participate in Swat(tiny)Tank this year, we have put together a list of events that we think could be really helpful as you prepare for Round One. Take a look and let us know if you have any questions about what you see below.

  • Intro to Ideation Workshop - March 3rd at 4:30 - 5:30 pm EST: In just 60-minutes, we'll share how to get started on taking your ideas and building them into scalable projects. This program is the first of many great opportunities to dig deep into building your creative mindsets this spring! We'll be using online collaboration tools (hey, MURAL) and talking about design thinking, human-centered design, and answering questions about Springovation in the CIL. Everyone is welcome! 
  • Customer Discovery Challenge Self-Paced Module (launching Friday, March 12!): How might we learn from stakeholders and potential customers? And, how do we do this in a remote world?  Get ready to “get out of the building” to learn from stakeholders and potential customers about your Swat(tiny)Tank idea! In this immersive self-paced module, you’ll gain customer discovery interview skills and surface real data from customers that will set you and your team apart. Complete this module prior to the March 19 pitch workshop to deepen your understanding about the problem you want to tackle during your Swat(tiny)Tank experience.

  • Crafting a Compelling Pitch: A workshop with SwatTank Winner Sedinam Worlanyo (‘17) - Friday, March 19, 4:30 - 6:00pm EST: How might we design and deliver a compelling pitch? Whether you’re trying to move ahead in Swat(tiny)Tank or get an idea launched with your future employer, pitching ideas to gain buy-in is an important skill. In this interactive workshop, learn how to craft a compelling pitch with SwatTank winner (yes, winner!) Sedinam Worlanyo (‘17). You’ll draw on stories from your customer discovery work, dive into storytelling frameworks, and get feedback on your pitch! Complete the self-paced customer discovery module (launched March 12, see above) before the workshop to enrich your workshop experience with data related to your Swat(tiny)Tank idea.