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Toolkit for Virtual Collaboration

Welcome to our Toolkit for Virtual Collaboration! 

Due to the nature of shifting to remote work and learning, we've decided to pull together a list of resources that we have been using or find helpful to maintain connection while virtual. In the list below, you'll find a variety of online platforms that make working collaboratively easier, highly interactive, and more fun. We will also be updating a curated a list of articles, podcasts, and videos that are specifically centered on design can be used during massive disruption. While this webpage is in response to our transition to remote work and learning, we believe that all of these resources are universally applicable and hope that you enjoy using them as much as we do! If you have questions about the use of any of these platforms or want to talk about something you've read, please let us know. 

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Tools for Virtual Collaboration
  • - MURAL is the ultimate tool to help teams work together in a visual and virtual world. MURAL’s speed and ease of use in creating diagrams, as well as tools to facilitate impactful meetings and workshops are a standout feature. Simply put what's on your mind on sticky notes. Then organize in lists, flowcharts, diagrams, frameworks, methods and drawings to activate and align your team

  • - Coggle is an online tool for creating and sharing mind maps and flowcharts. It works online in your browser: there's nothing to download or install. Whether you're taking notes, brainstorming, planning, or doing something awesomely creative, it is super simple to visualise your ideas with Coggle. Share with as many friends or colleagues as you like. Changes you make will show up instantly in their browser, wherever they are in the world.

  • - Stickies is a very basic post-it note webpage. This is a great tool that removes a lot of the clutter and maintains a user friendly, simple platform great for quick brainstorming as an individual or with a group.
  • Jamboard - Jamboard is another digital whiteboard-style designed to make virtual collaboration through the Google Suite super easy and accessible. This tool can be found through Google Drive and integrates all the great resources available there like Docs or Sheets. Drop images, add notes, and pull assets directly from the web while collaborating with team members from anywhere, anytime.
Articles for Design Inspiration