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CIL Team

Meet The Team

The Center for Innovation and Leadership is made up of compassionate and innovative leaders with a diversity of academic and professional experience. Scroll down to see the people that make the CIL so special.

Swing by the our office in Parrish 101 anytime or email to set up an appointment!


Denise Crossan

Director of Community and Strategic Initiatives

Interim Director of the Center for Innovation and Leadership

Director of Social Innovation Lab

President's Office

Dean of Student Affairs


  1. Phone: (610) 957-6165
  2. Parrish E260
  3. Parrish W101
Denise Crossan

Susannah Fishman

Associate Director, Center for Innovation & Leadership

Center for Innovation & Leadership


  1. Phone: (610) 690-3879
  2. Parrish Hall 101

Dakota Gibbs

Program Coordinator, CIL

Dean's Office

Center for Innovation & Leadership


  1. Phone: (610) 690-5636
  2. Parrish Hall 101

2022 - 2023 CIL Interns

  • Atticus Hemple - Design Intern

  • Ari Mosqueda - Design Intern

  • June Kim - Design Intern

  • Mahika Halepete - CIL Intern

  • Trinh Nguyen - Design Intern

  • Harrisson Li - Leadership Intern

  • Furqan Ahsan - Leadership Intern