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Susannah Fishman


Director, Center for Innovation & Leadership

Center for Innovation & Leadership (CIL)


  2. Phone: (610) 690-3706
  3. Parrish Hall W117
  4. Parrish Hall
Susannah Fishman

Dr. Susannah G. Fishman is an educator, researcher, and program manager. She is passionate about developing creative, evidence-based programs that spark growth and meet the needs of diverse communities. 

Prior to joining Swarthmore, Susannah earned her Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Pennsylvania. Building on her dissertation, she led a team of researchers in Azerbaijan and collaborated on work in Mississippi to understand the relationship between technology and social-political change. She taught anthropology courses at Penn, and worked as a facilitator in Wharton’s Executive Education Program. 

Following this, Susannah worked as Academics Manager at Pioneer Academics, an online education organization that connects outstanding international high school students to professors at elite colleges to conduct research projects. Most recently, Susannah served as Assistant Director of Education Programs and Professional Development at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, where her work spanned art programs for under-resourced high school students to leadership programs for high-achieving professionals.

Susannah enjoys bringing her experience to the Center for Innovation and Leadership to develop impactful programs that meet the needs of the Swarthmore community.