Sustainability Committee

Sustainability Committee

The purpose of the Sustainability Committee (SusCom) of Swarthmore College is to make recommendations to the President and to the College community regarding policies to promote environmental sustainability on campus. The Committee focuses on identifying policies and practices that promote the most efficient and responsible use of College resources; monitoring funds and grants pertaining to environmental sustainability; and coordinating and support campus sustainability initiatives and efforts.

2015-2016 Sustainability Committee Members

  • Eric Wagner, Athletics & Physical Education - Co-Chair
  • Ralph Thayer, Director of Maintenance - Co-Chair
  • Melissa Tier, Sustainability Coordinator
  • Maurice Eldridge, Vice President for College and Community Relations and Executive Assistant to the President
  • Carr Everbach, Department of Engineering
  • Giovanna Di Chiro, Environmental Studies Program

  • Tao Wang, Department of Economics

  • Sibelan Forrester, Department of Modern Languages & Literatures

  • Deb Kardon-Brown, Assistant Director for Student Programs, Lang Center

  • Linda McDougall, Director of Dining Services

  • Sheila Magee, Facilities

  • Mark Davis, ITS

  • Nathaniel Graf, '16

  • Rebecca Griest, '16

  • Adina Spertus-Melhus, '17

  • H.G. Chissell, '96