Welcome Class of 2019 and Transfer Students

Dean Liz Braun

Welcome to Swarthmore! On August 25, I will have a chance to speak with you to tell you in person how pleased my colleagues and I are that you have chosen Swarthmore, and what a wise and wonderful choice you have made. You are joining a community of students, faculty, and staff who work together to create a rich academic experience, a vibrant, social experience, and an inclusive community. We look forward to your good company and engagement.

The next four years of your life will be a time of incredible intellectual and personal growth. My colleagues and I, the Dean’s Division, see our role as facilitators of your transition to the Swarthmore College community, as well as your successful journey to graduation; we want to help you take full advantage of the opportunities you will find here. To that end, the Division Directory will tell you a bit about who we are. You should make particular note of Dean Karen Henry ‘87, the Dean of the First-year Class.

The information on this website includes several forms that are critical for you to review and complete in order for us to help you get off to a good start. The website includes a checklist with a list of all the forms and their due dates. Please look at all of this very carefully.

Please note the Health Insurance Enrollment Sheet will likely require consultation with a parent/guardian and must be in by June 15. The Health Certificate/Physical must be completed by your health care provider and must be in by June 30. Each of these forms should be submitted directly to the College’s Health Center. All other forms should be completed by you, the student, and returned.

Please also use this New Student website as a resource. There is information on it about everything from what to bring with you to how to think about your course selection. Be sure to read about accessing your personal e-Bill account for viewing billing statements and making online payments.

Best wishes for a wonderful summer. All of us in the Deans Division look forward to meeting you on the 25th of August. We all have a sense of anticipation and excitement, which we hope you share, as we approach the beginning of a new chapter in your life.

Liz Braun
Dean of Students

May Mailing

As we prepare for your arrival, we want to deliver to you some useful and important information. On Monday, May 18, to all students admitted before May 8 who are coming in the Fall of 2015, we are sending information on logging into your Swarthmore account for the first time and setting up your new password. (Students admitted later will be mailed information about every two weeks.) In addition to delivering information to you, there is a request for information from you. Much of the information you will need for arrving and living on campus is contained in this website, so please take some time to read through everything here.

Setting up your Swarthmore email

In particular, one important piece of information contained only in the mailing is all that you need to set up your Swarthmore email and network account, including your user id, temporary password, and instructions. Setting up this account is critical as it will allow you access to the online version of the forms. Also, we will only contact you through your Swarthmore email address for all future correspondence.

Follow these links to read about the Acceptable Use Policy and the Copyright Policy.

Later in the summer, you will be able to see such things as your housing assignment, roommate information, placement exam information, and more. So, be sure to set up your Swarthmore account. A word about placement exams: this portion of the Forms is not available to you right now.  We are working on that part of the site and will contact you by way of your Swarthmore email address when placement information is ready. For now, please take the time to fill out information on housing, academic advising, health insurance, etc. 

We prefer you return the forms (other than the health forms) by June 1, 2015, when possible, unless a secondary deadline is posted.

Over the month of May, this site will grow to include all the information we hope you will need to ensure that you arrive to campus in August ready to join the Swarthmore community. If you ever have a question, can't find what you need here, or have a concern, please don't hesitate to send email to: new_student_question@swarthmore.edu.

We look forward to hearing from you.