Student Handbook

Swarthmore College Official Student Handbook 2014–2015

The Swarthmore College Student Handbook is produced by the Dean's Office and is a compilation of official policies of the College. Students are responsible for abiding by all College rules and regulations. Students should contact any member of the Dean's staff if they have questions or need advice regarding College policies. Rules and policies are reviewed annually and may be changed at any time; the community will be notified of changes that occur after the Student Handbook is published each fall. [Handbook pdf]

Table of Contents

Academic Resources and Support

Academic Advisers
Academic Support
Information Technology Services (ITS)
Off-Campus Study Office
Registrar’s Office
Student Disability Services

Academic Policies

Social and Residential Resources and Support

  • Residence Life
  • Student Activities

Student Code of Conduct: Rules and Regulations

Alcohol and Other Drugs
Assault, Endangerment, or Infliction of Physical Harm
Banners, Chalkings, and Posters
Bullying and Intimidation
Disorderly Conduct
Events and Parties
Failure to Comply
False Representation
Fire Safety
Harassment Based on Protected Class
Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment
Theft and Vandalism
Unauthorized Entry
Unauthorized Use of College Facilities and Services
Violation of Local, State, or Federal Law
Weapons and Fireworks

Student Conduct Policies and Procedures

Disciplinary Sanctions
Interim Temporary Suspension
Student Conduct Procedures
College Judiciary Committee (CJC)
Pre-College Judiciary Committee Hearing Procedures
College Judiciary Committee Hearing Procedures

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Parental Notification Policy

Sexual Assault and Harassment Policy

Statement of Intent
Scope of Policy
Notice of Non-Discrimination
Statement Regarding Privacy
Prohibited Conduct
Related Definitions
Interim Measures
Title IX Review, Investigation and Resolution
Procedures for Resolution of Complaints Against Students