Chester Children's Chorus

If you watched your children disappear
would you find it hard to breathe?

When Trayvon Martin and Eric Garner were killed in 2012 and 2014, many members of the Chester Children's Chorus became concerned, upset, and even frightened. This is our response...the first music video of the Chester Children's Chorus (above). Young viewers may find some of the images disturbing. Please use discretion when showing the video to children under age 13.  

Music has the power to change the world. Music has been integral to the movement toward civil rights and human understanding. Music saves lives.

The Chester Children's Chorus offers talented children ages 8 to 18 from Chester, PA, the opportunity to achieve musical excellence, expand their intellectual and cultural horizons, and flourish as confident individuals.

For younger children, the Chorus's Sing-To-Learn program provides music instruction that reinforces academic objectives in 12 kindergarten, first grade and second grade classrooms in Chester.