Student Academic Mentors

Student Academic Mentors

What's a SAM?

Student Academic Mentors — SAMs — are upper class students specially selected and trained to work with students on the development of skills necessary for academic success at Swarthmore such as time management, organization, study strategies and reading techniques.

SAMs draw on their personal experiences as well as their training to mentor peers. During the first few weeks of school SAMs are invaluable in helping first year students access all the resources available on campus.

How can I reach a SAM?

Any student may work with a SAM at any time.  A list of SAMs and their academic specializations is below for your reference.

Students interested in working with a SAM can also contact the Deans' Office at 610-328-8363 or email

To read brief bios of the SAMs, please visit the Learn More about SAMs page.

2014–15 SAMs
Name Year Placement Dorm Room E-mail Academic Major, Minor and/or Interests
Hannah Armbruster 2015 Alice Paul Alice Paul 209 harmbru1 Neuroscience / Black Studies
David Ranshous 2016 Alice Paul Alice Paul 311 dransho1 Engineering
Leanna Browne 2015 Black Cultural Center Wharton 139 lbrowne1 Psychology / Dance / Black Studies
Bolu Fakoya 2017 Dana Dana 108 bfakoya1 Sociology & Anthropology / Biology
Alice Herneisen 2017 Dana Dana 210 ahernei1 Biochemistry
Rachel Stein 2015 David Kemp David Kemp 218 rstein2 Computer Science / Educational Studies
Rose Pozos-Brewer 2015 David Kemp David Kemp 318 rpozosb1 Sociology & Anthropology / Spanish
Nate Cheek 2015 Hallowell Hallowell 113 ncheek1 Psychology / Spanish
Ben Marks 2016 Hallowell Hallowell 303 bmarks1 Computer Science / Math
Kira Wong 2015 Mary Lyons Mary Lyons 220M kwong1 Biology / English
Jeffrey Moore 2015 Mary Lyons Mary Lyons 300 jmoore3 Neuroscience
Danny McMahon 2015 Mertz Mertz 150 dmcmaho2 Economics / Math
Ariel Gewirtz 2015 Mertz Mertz 214 agewirt1 Computer Science / Biology
Kathy Sun 2016 Mertz Mertz 332 ksun1 Statistics / Economics / Educational Studies
Ariel Pearson 2016 Parrish Parrish 304 apearso1 English / Biology
Steven Gu 2015 Parrish Parrish 321 sgu1 Political Science
Rebecca Senft 2015 Wharton AB Wharton 119 rsenft1 Neuroscience
Mayra Tenorio 2015 Wharton AB Wharton 203 mtenori1 Sociology & Anthropology / Gender & Sexuality Studies / Psychology
Catherine Xiang 2015 Wharton EF Wharton 170 cxiang1 Neuroscience / English
Allison Shultes 2015 Wharton & Dana Wharton 371 ashulte1 English / History
Ben Schreiber 2016 Wharton EF Wharton 373 bschrei1 Math
Jigme Tobgyel 2017 Willets Willets 007 jtobgye1 Economics / Political Science / Asian Studies
Madeline Conca 2017 Willets Willets 116 mconca1 Neuroscience
Adella Sundmark 2017 Willets Willets 227 asundma1 Computer Science / History
Taylor Tai 2016 Willets Willets 229 ttai1 Biology
Olivia Edwards 2015 Willets Willets 328 Oedward2 Math / Music