Student Academic Mentors

Student Academic Mentors

What's a SAM?

Student Academic Mentors — SAMs — are upper class students specially selected and trained to work with students on the development of skills necessary for academic success at Swarthmore such as time management, organization, study strategies and reading techniques.

SAMs draw on their personal experiences as well as their training to mentor peers. During the first few weeks of school SAMs are invaluable in helping first year students access all the resources available on campus.

How can I reach a SAM?

Any student may work with a SAM at any time.  A list of SAMs and their academic specializations is below for your reference.

Students interested in working with a SAM can also contact the Deans' Office at 610-328-8363 or email

To read brief bios of the SAMs, please visit the Learn More about SAMs page.

The 2015-16 SAMs are:

Assignment/Dorm First Name Last Name Class Email Academic areas of focus
Alice Paul Kathy Sun 2016 ksun1 Statistics, Economics, Education, Psychology
Alice Paul Yu (Jerry) Qin 2017 yqin1 Cognitive Science, Film & Media Studies
Black Cultural Center Sedinam Worlanyo 2017 sworlan1 Economics, Computer Science
Dana Benjamin TerMaat 2018 btermaa1 History, Political Science
Dana 3rd Gloria Kim 2018 ckim4 Philosophy, Economics, Islamic Studies
Danawell (Connector) Bobby Zipp 2018 rzipp1 English Literature, Education Policy
David Kemp Jigme Tobgyel 2017 jtobgye1 Asian Studies, Economics, Political Science
David Kemp Derek Graves 2018 dgraves1 Philosophy, Math
Hallowell Mayank Agrawal 2018 magrawa1 Math, Computer Science
Hallowell Ellen Liu 2018 eliu2 Psychology, Computer Science, Biology
Mary Lyons Soumba Traore 2018 straore1 Neuroscience, French
Mary Lyons Jong Seok Lee 2017 jlee6 Music, Educational Studies
Mertz Matthew Palmer 2018 mpalmer1 Physics, Economics
Mertz Alice Herneisen 2017 ahernei1 Chemistry
Mertz Laura Thompson-Martin 2016 lthomps2 Biology, Public Policy
Parrish Ben Marks 2016 bmarks1 Statistics, Computer Science
Parrish Annie Zhao 2018 azhao2 English Literature, Political Science
Wharton AB Dong Shin (Chris) You 2017 dyou1 Political Science, Economics
Wharton AB Olivia Edwards 2016 oedward2 Music, Math
Wharton EF Ben Schreiber 2016 bschrei1 Computer Science, Math
Wharton EF Joelle Hageboutros 2016 jhagebo1 French, Political Science, Islamic Studies
Willets Shabbir Vahanavaty 2016 svahanv1 Biology
Willets Gurrein Madan 2017 gmadan1 Neuroscience
Willets Henry Jiang 2018 hjiang1 Neuroscience
Willets Alison Rosenzweig 2018 arosenz1 Computer Science, Engineering, Studio Art
Willets Nathaniel Truman 2018 ntruman1 Economics, Math
At-Large David Ranshous 2017 dransho1 Engineering