Student Academic Mentors

Student Academic Mentors

What's a SAM?

Student Academic Mentors — SAMs — are upper class students specially selected and trained to work with students on the development of skills necessary for academic success at Swarthmore such as time management, organization, study strategies and reading techniques.

SAMs draw on their personal experiences as well as their training to mentor peers. During the first few weeks of school SAMs are invaluable in helping first year students access all the resources available on campus.

How can I reach a SAM?

Any student may work with a SAM at any time.  A list of SAMs and their academic specializations is below for your reference.

Students interested in working with a SAM can also contact the Deans' Office at 610-328-8363 or email

2013–14 SAMs
Name Year E-mail Academic Major, Minor and/or Interests
Brone Lobichusky 2014 blobich1 Biology
Alexis Zavez 2015 azavez1 Economics
Sun Park 2016 spark3 Pre-Med / Economics / History
Riley Collins 2016 rcollin4 Computer Science / English
Hannah Armbruster 2015 harmbru1 Neuroscience / Black Studies
David Fialkow 2015 dfialko1 Political Science / English / Psychology / Spanish
Megan Brock 2014 mbrock1 Economics / Environmental Studies GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
Rebecca Senft 2015 rsenft1 Neuroscience / Biology / Psychology
Catherine Xiang 2015 cxiang1 Neuroscience / English
Harshil Sahai 2015 hsahai1 Economics / Math / Computer Science / Chinese
Melissa Tier 2014 mtier1 Clinical/Social Psychology / Sociolinguistics
Joshua Ginzberg 2015 jginzbe1 Political Science / Classics / Writing, Film/Media, Computer Science
Callen Rain 2015 crain1 Computer Science / Math, Engineering
Marian Firke 2014 mfirke1 Biology / Educational Studies / Philosopy / Study Abroad (St Andrew's Scotland)
Daniela Kucz 2014 dkucz1 Biology / Gender & Sexuality Studies / Film Studies / Pre-Med
Elena Kingston 2014 ekingst1 Biochemistry / Engineering
Jeremy Rapaport-Stein 2014 jrapapo1 Music / Political Science
David Nahmias 2014 dnahmia1 Engineering / Math
Sang Woo Kim 2014 skim3 Chemistry / Biology / Math
Aarti Rao 2014 arao1 Sociology-Anthropology / Biology
Nicole Aaron 2014 naaron1 Engineering / Biology
Kathy Sun 2016 ksun1 Economics / Educational Studies / Math
Shabbir Vahanvaty 2016 svahanv1 Biology / History
Alden Dirks 2016 adirks1 Biology / Spanish / Fine Arts
Flore Nouvel 2015 fnouvel1 Economics / Statistics
Taylor Tai 2016 ttai1 Biology / Mathematics