Self-Study on Learning, Working, and Living

The Swarthmore College Self-Study on Learning, Working, and Living was conducted in spring 2015 by Rankin & Associates and aimed to identify what we each expect and experience as members of this community. This study seen here: revealed collective impressions of the College and how individuals experience the community differently, based on their various identities and groups to which they belong.

The Self-Study Action Committee was formed by a call for volunteers in the fall 2015 and its members can be found here: The Self-Study Action Committee is tasked with encouraging community members to submit ideas based on the study's findings through a few different routes:

Community Roundtable discussions--will be held at three different times on Friday, March 18, 2016. See link to sign-up:

Submit your ideas through on-line submission here: 25.z

Anonymous "Idea Boxes" can be found in the following locations:

  • Science Center Coffee Bar
  • Kohlberg Coffee Bar
  • Sharples Dining Hall
  • 101 South Chester Road
  • Matchbox
  • Shane Lounge
  • Mephistos Lounge in Willets
  • 502 Fieldhouse Lane
  • Parrish Lower Level 

 If you have questions about the process, please direct them to: Diane Anderson, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs -- Parrish 108,, or Betsy Durning, Administrative Assistant, Parrish 140,