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Leadership in Practice Series

Banner that says CIL: Leadership in Practice Series. How do we want to lead? Let's find out together

What does leadership mean at Swarthmore?

The Center for Innovation and Leadership is offering event funding to faculty and staff to explore and expand discourse on the concept of leadership practice in a modern, complex and rapidly changing world. The Leadership in Practice Series seeks to engage expert contributors through talks, workshops, field trips and multimedia experiences to learn about diverse, impactful leadership. Conversations may explore some of the challenges and potentials for leaders, what models can we learn from, and how we can enact restorative leadership practices at Swarthmore and beyond. Examples of possible topics include the “leaderful” paradigm of the Black Lives Matter movement, scaling a business or local initiative, or how to enact changes in policy. These are just a few examples, and the range of ways this prompt can be interpreted is expansive.

Leadership in Practice Series Goals:

  • To explore diverse historical and contemporary models of leadership
  • To create opportunities for active engagement in discourse around new possibilities of equitable leadership
  • To identify pathways for leadership exploration that encompasses a wide range of contexts, practices and identities
  • To learn about impactful leadership practices that can be thoughtfully reimagined and deployed to further the goals of Swarthmore communities

Expert Contributor Criteria:

  • The expert contributor must share their practical experiences in leadership or developing leadership practices. We welcome scholars who can share how their work is applied
  • The expert contributor and their topic draws from, relates to or directly supports course(s) or program(s) for students, faculty and staff being delivered in Spring 2024

Support Offered

The CIL Leadership in Practice Series will provide an honorarium award for speakers, and also facilitate reasonable support budget for travel, lodging, as well as refreshments (circa up to $2,500). The CIL will also provide logistical support for the organization of the event. In addition, the CIL Leadership in Practice Series is interested in partnering with departments or centers to fund larger events. While applications are submitted by one faculty member or staff, there is space to list other faculty/staff that support the application where the speaker would benefit their mutual goals.


Apply here

Applications submitted by Dec 8 will receive full consideration. Applications may be considered on a rolling basis after this date if funds remain available.

If you have questions, please reach out to Susannah Fishman,