Senior Class Officers

Senior class officers spearhead activities both during the academic year and beyond, as alumni. By taking advantage of the of opportunity to serve as an officer, students can build stronger relationships with and among class member and, after graduation, help keep the College strong through their volunteer service.

The five class officers listed below are elected by paper-ballot two weeks into the senior year. Prior to the election, the senior class will be asked by the Alumni Relations Office for nominations for the five positions. Students are welcome to self-nominate. Please look carefully at the responsibilities of each office when nominating and voting.

All Officers constitute the Senior Class Council and are responsible to:

  • Plan and coordinate Senior Week activities
  • Work with other offices to plan and coordinate other class activities including Last Collection, Graduation, class meetings
  • Build connections with the Alumni Office. Represent your class at dinners during Alumni council meetings and other events
  • Encourage classmates to participate in the Senior Class Gift


Senior Year:

  • Chair class officers as they plan and implement Senior Week, Graduation events, and other class activities.
  • Represent the Class as needed
  • Responsible for the Senior Week Schedule and Senior Class Workers
  • Attend fall and spring Alumni Council meetings

After Graduation:

  • Serve as member of Alumni Council for a 3-year term
  • Chair reunion planning starting with the 2-year reunion


Senior Year:

  • Stand in for the President when necessary
  • Liaison with college offices: dining, facilities, student activities, Commencement committee
  • Responsible for class events during the year
  • Plan and implement activities connected to Graduation: Speak-off, Last Collection

After Graduation:

  • Assist in reunion planning


Senior Year:

  • Responsible for finances for the class
  • Set up accounts to track income and expenditures
  • Collect for Senior Week events

After Graduation:

  • Assists with class reunions


Senior Year:

  • Take minutes of meetings
  • Send out messages to senior class

After Graduation:

  • Compile Class Notes for the Alumni Bulletin working with the publications office.

Senior Class Gift Chair:

Senior Year:

  • Works with Annual Giving Office to oversee the Senior Class Gift Campaign and educate seniors about philanthropy
  • Recruits 3-5 Senior Class Gift Committee members to help solicit support and plan events
  • Meet regularly with class officers

After Graduation:

  • Serve as a Class Agent for a 3-year term
  • Chair the fundraising efforts for the 2-year reunion

Non-Elected Positions Selected by the Senior Class Officers

At Large Senior Class Council Members:

  • Selected by the officers to help organize and run events (2-4 selected)
  • Meet regularly with the officers and may take responsibility for specific events

Senior Week Workers:

  • Selected by the senior class officers to work at the events of senior week (10 workers, usually originally part of the class or siblings of the class members)
  • Live and eat for free; no other compensation
  • Can attend events for which they are not working paying the senior class price
  • Serve as Ushers for graduation events