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So You Received a Positive Test. Now What?

Because you are registered with Everlywell as an individual, there may be times you will be notified of your positive test result prior to Worth Health Center Staff reviewing it on our electronic system. In the event you receive a positive COVID-19 test result before being contacted by someone at the health center, here are the steps to take.

  1. Take a deep breath. Check in with yourself. This may be a moment of great stress. It may feel scary and overwhelming. You will likely have a lot of questions and begin to worry about your friends. We will help guide you through this. The Heath and Wellness Support plan created for you will involve several steps and will take some time to complete. So, again, take a deep breath and be patient.
  2. If you receive your results when Worth Health Center is open (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm), call the health center at 610-328-8058. We will initiate your health and support plan.
  3.  If you receive your results when the Worth Health Center is not open, please call the on-call nurse service at 610-328-8548. The on-call nurse will talk with you and make sure (a.) you are physically okay and (b.) initiate the process of moving you to isolation housing as part of your support plan by contacting Tier 2 (OSE) on your behalf. .
  4. During nights and weekends, Tier 2 (OSE staff , aka “dean on call” 610-888-1593) will be assisting to move you to isolation housing. Besides your immediate health, removing you from the general campus population is the priority. It may take several phone calls and actions behind the scene to make this happen. So while you wait to move to isolation, stay in your dorm room and try to be patient. During this time you should begin to double check your “go bag” and make sure you have all you need to go into isolation housing. (Please see your Resident Life booklet given to you when you moved in for a recommended packing list).
  5. Most people begin to worry about the health and well-being of their friends and people they may have had close contact with. For your information, the staff at Worth health Center will be doing the contact tracing. You do not need to contact people to notify them. We will do that for you after an educated discussion about each potential contact. Many times, even with the best intentions, the rush to notify friends, classmates, and professors results in chaos and unnecessary worry for outside individuals. Depending on the time of day all this is happening, it may be a few hours or the next day before contact tracing is completed. For instance, if you are notified at midnight of your results, contact tracing would be completed in the morning. If you decide to contact anybody you believe to be a close contact, please only advise them to minimize leaving their room and that we will initiate contact with them after a detailed discussion with you.
    1. For your information, a close contact is defined by the CDC as an individual you have been within 6 feet of for greater than 15 minutes during a 24 hour period (regardless of mask); an individual you had direct physical contact with; or an individual that had indirect contact with secretions like sharing utensils or water bottles.
  6. As mentioned before, the Health and Wellness Support plan requires multiple steps to coordinate your care. You will be receiving several documents in your health portal outlining what is going to occur while you are in isolation housing. Please refer to these documents if you have questions. These documents will help to answer many of your questions. Please be patient while we work to coordinate with the appropriate campus services to provide optimal safety to you and our community.